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General Business

GBUS 401 Intellectual Property
GBUS 402 Negotiation Skills
GBUS 403 Raising Capital, Doing Deals
GBUS 404 Markets: Finding & Reaching
GBUS 405 Product Development
GBUS 406 Understanding Financial Ctrl.

General Engineering

GENG 101 Numerical Analysis in Str. Eng.
GENG 102 Adv. Structural Analysis
GENG 103 Dynamics of Structures
GENG 104 Theory of Elasticity in SE
GENG 105 Plastic Anly. of Structures
GENG 106 Computer Anly. of Structures
GENG 107 Intr. to Solid Mechanics
GENG 108 Stability of Structures
GENG 109 Properties & Testing of Mtrl.
GENG 110 Statistics in SE
GENG 111 Exp. Stress Anly. & Strain Msr.
GENG 201 Methods of Repair & Strengthening
GENG 202 Q. Control & Q. Assurance
GENG 203 Effect of Materials on Env.
GENG 204 Special Types of Concrete
GENG 205 Det. & Durability of Concrete
GENG 206 Adv. Construction Materials
GENG 207 Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue
GENG 208 Modern Concrete Bridges
GENG 209 Pre-Stressed Concrete Struc.
GENG 210 Dynamics of Concrete Struc.
GENG 301 Reinforced Concrete Struc.
GENG 302 Special Concrete Str. fake diploma to attain your dreams
GENG 303 Analysis of Foundations I
GENG 304 Site Inv. & Soil Testing
GENG 305 Rock Mechanics
GENG 306 Solid Mechanical Prop.
GENG 307 Earthwork Engineering
GENG 308 Analysis of Foundations II
GENG 309 Dewatering
GENG 310 Ground Improvement
GENG 401 Special Topic For Foundations
GENG 402 Geo-Environment
GENG 403 Special Steel Structures
GENG 404 Fab., Ere. & Mtn. of Steel Str.
GENG 405 Behavior of Steel Str.
GENG 406 Plastic Analysis & Design of SS
GENG 407 Bids and Contracts
GENG 408 Construction Economics
GENG 409 General Mgmt. in Con.Prj. I
GENG 410 General Mgmt. in Con.Prj. II
GENG 501 Projects Planning & Control I
GENG 502 Projects Planning & Control II
GENG 503 Construction Equipment
GENG 504 Theory of Plasticity
GENG 505 Wind & Earthquakes Engineering
GENG 506 Plates and Shells
GENG 507 Finite Element Analysis
GENG 508 Suspension & Guyed Structures
GENG 509 Adv. Testing of Prod. & Struc.
GENG 510 Non-Linear Anly. of Concrete Str.
GENG 601 High Rise Buildings
GENG 602 Special Reinforced Concrete Str.
GENG 603 Skin Concrete Structures
GENG 604 Masonry Structures
GENG 605 Underground Structures
GENG 609 Soil Dynamics fake degrees
GENG 607 Numerical Anly. in Geotechnical Eng.
GENG 608 Stability of Plane Frameworks
GENG 609 Adv.d Design of Steel Bridges
GENG 610 Thin Walled Steel Structures 2
GENG 611 Resources Management
GENG 612 System Analysis For Civil Eng.
GENG 613 Accounting and Costing
GENG 614 Productivity in The Construction

General Studies

GEST 101 The Making of America
GEST 102 International Interactions
GEST 103 Global Interactions
GEST 104 Urbanization & the Env.
GEST 105 Environmental Law
GEST 106 Nature & Env. in Am. Lit.
GEST 107 Technology in the Mod. World
GEST 108 Medieval Technology
GEST 109 Environmental Ethics
GEST 110 Gender, History & Science
GEST 201 Economics & the Env.
GEST 202 Intro. to Urban Planning
GEST 203 History of Planning
GEST 204 Land Use Planning
GEST 205 City Worlds
GEST 206 Environmental Equity
GEST 207 Environmental Equity
GEST 208 Sustainable Development
GEST 209 Crime, Criminals and Justice
GEST 210 The Olympics Challenge
GEST 301 What is "family"?
GEST 302 Mind, Body, Spirit
GEST 303 Popular Culture
GEST 304 C.S. Lewis fake ged
GEST 305 Dating, Marriage, Sex
GEST 306 Pop Culture
GEST 307 The Christian Citizen
GEST 308 Cross-cultural
GEST 309 What is Christianity?
GEST 310 Spiritual Vitality

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Graphic Design

GRDS 101 Intro to Graphic Design
GRDS 102 Photoshop Basics
GRDS 103 Illustrator Basics
GRDS 104 Color Theory
GRDS 105 Fundamentals of Typography
GRDS 106 Design and Composition
GRDS 107 Intro to Drawing
GRDS 108 Graphic Design I
GRDS 109 Print Production
GRDS 201 Design for Non-Designers
GRDS 202 Fundamentals of Logo Design
GRDS 203 History of Art
GRDS 204 Indesign Basics
GRDS 205 Quark Basics
GRDS 206 Advertising Design
GRDS 207 Digital Illustration Basics
GRDS 208 Figure Drawing
GRDS 209 Photo Retouching
GRDS 301 History of Video Games
GRDS 302 Illustrator
GRDS 303 Photoshop
GRDS 304 Powerpoint Design
GRDS 305 Maya Basics
GRDS 306 Advanced Graphic Design
GRDS 307 Advanced Layout Design
GRDS 308 Advanced Logo Design
GRDS 309 Advanced Packaging Design
GRDS 401 Branding and Identity
GRDS 402 Color Correction
GRDS 403 Digital Illustration Advanced
GRDS 404 Graphic Design Business
GRDS 405 Tiling Textures
GRDS 406 Character Animation
GRDS 407 Illustrator Advanced
GRDS 408 Photoshop Advanced
GRDS 409 Indesign Advanced
GRDS 410 Sketchup Advanced


GEGR 101 World Geography
GEGR 102 Canadian Env. Issues
GEGR 103 Global Env. Issues
GEGR 104 Maps & Mapping
GEGR 105 Geography of a Selected Reg.
GEGR 106 Geography of Global Change
GEGR 107 The Human Environment
GEGR 108 Mapping the Environment
GEGR 109 Air and Water replica diplomas
GEGR 110 TLand and Life
GEGR 111 Environment & Society
GEGR 201 Historical & Cultural Pers.
GEGR 202 Population Geography
GEGR 203 Regions & New International Order
GEGR 204 A World of Food
GEGR 205 Urban Geography
GEGR 206 Urban Transportation
GEGR 207 The Making of the Irish Landscape
GEGR 208 Resource Anly & Mgmt.
GEGR 209 Research Methods
GEGR 210 Geographic Info. Systems
GEGR 211 Plant Ecology
GEGR 301 Hydrology
GEGR 302 Biogeography
GEGR 303 Landform Evolution
GEGR 304 The Climate System
GEGR 305 Sustainable Development
GEGR 306 The Tropical Rain Forest
GEGR 307 Indigenous Resource Mgmt.
GEGR 308 Population & the Env.
GEGR 309 Cities & Their Governance
GEGR 310 Urban Ecology
GEGR 311 Geography & Public Policy
GEGR 401 Industrial Restructuring
GEGR 402 Environmental Impact Ast.
GEGR 403 Adv. Geographic Info. Systems
GEGR 404 Remote Sensing
GEGR 405 Cartographic Visualization
GEGR 406 Environmental Mgmt.
GEGR 407 Env. Chng. during the Quaternary
GEGR 408 Environment & Health
GEGR 409 Forest Management
GEGR 410 Indigenous Resource Mgmt.
GEGR 411 Environmental Management
GEGR 412 Forest Management


GELO 203 Intro. to Environmental Geology
GELO 206 Earthquakes, Vol., & Plate Tectonics
GELO 208 The Earth, Moon and the Planets
GELO 210 Intro. to the Earth
GELO 216 Field Methods
GELO 302 Palaeobiology
GELO 331 Evolution of the Earth
GELO 414 Undergraduate
GELO 415 Plate Tectonics & Crustal Evo.

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