Testimonials from our Customers

The following testimonials were submitted by just a few of our happy customers. It’s important to realize that these customers have not been paid for their testimonials. They’re all spur-of-the-moment responses from our clients sent to us shortly after they received their orders. These Testimonials on fake university diploma are authentic and genuine to say the least.

I don’t believe it! This is exciting! You did the best job on my order. When I provided the proof of my transcript, I never dreamed my new one transcript would come out so great! It looks identical to the original I gave you, except this one has a 4.0 G.P.A. so it’s really better than my original.
Carol, New Jersey

Just want to give my thanks to the creators of my degree. All my close friends and family were fooled with my new college degree. I could, finally, show off my degree. Everyone was happy. They even took pictures of me holding my degree! I’m happy to report that my money was spent very well. I was impressed that a real seal was also used. It was too cool. Thanks, again. I put the degree into a document frame. It even looks better, now.
Donald, Colorado

I was completely outraged when I got the fake transcript I ordered at another site, xxxxxxx. You guys are much, much better! I’m a moron for not buying from your site at the beginning. I also want to thank you for giving my friend a discount when he placed a second order.
Marion, Dover

After spending a lot of money for a foil seal, it was disappointing and I was truly shocked when I saw what xxxxxxx sent. Not only had they intentionally misspelled my university name, but the seal didn’t look at all like it does on the original. Anyhow, I thank God I discovered your site. You may be the single company who creates novelty diplomas that look just like an original. I have no complaints, and my only question is how come you don’t advertise more? I could have saved a bunch of money if I knew about your site earlier.
Becky, Canada

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First, I want to thank you so much for helping me out from a complete jam. I’m still impressed that you emailed the proofs within 24 hours for the fake college diploma I ordered. While the actual document took some time to arrive, I have to say the product was worth waiting for.
Wyatt, California

Do you know that xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx both deliberately changed the name of my school on my diploma? I was positive that you guys would do the exact same thing, which is why I asked the 1,000 odd questions before I finally bought from you. Thanks for dealing with that! The package finally arrived and my fake transcripts look fantastic! It looks exactly like an original and there were no changes.
Luu, Hong Kong

Before I decided to purchase from you, I have to admit that I was nearly convinced by one of the fake diploma review sites to not deal with you guys. But, I took the chance since I received really good customer service. I am very glad I decided to use your company. The duplicate diplomas I received from you are 1,000 times superior to what I received from xxxxxxx who, by the way, say they are the market leaders. :)
Thomas, London

I must say, with all certainty that should you want to purchase an authentic diploma, then you guys have to be the finest in this business. I looked at fake college diplomas and then got mine done, I was impressed with the quality. Let me thank you, again, for answering my many questions before I placed my order.
Emily, Montana

I never believed I could get a certificate that looks as fine as the one made by you. Thanks so much! I can’t get over how it compares to my original—it looks very realistic! Just want to note that I’ll definitely refer many of my friends to your site in the near future.
Jerry, West Virginia

I just don’t believe what I’m seeing! The diplomas you offer and that I received are exactly the same as an original! Plus, the transcript that was attached is just like an original. I’m positive that this is true because I compared mine to a real one that my friend has. This will certainly be helpful when applying for a PhD. Thank you for the fantastic work you did on my order.
Melissa, Ontario

Your site was highly recommended by a good friend. I was convinced to buy when she showed me a degree she had ordered and received from you. I’m very happy to tell you that I made the right decision. My novelty degree is an exact duplicate of my original. I couldn’t even tell the difference! Thank you!
Porter, Idaho

I don’t know what to say! You guys are the best! Let me start by congratulating you on having remarkable customer service. I ordered a diploma and I’m happy to report that it’s as authentic looking as I could have hoped for. I’ve already ordered the transcripts to match using the fake college diploma courses guide. Thank you!
Lena, Malaysia

You did a great job on the replacement diploma that I recently ordered as well as the associated transcripts. Allow me this opportunity to say thank you very much. The diploma I received from your company is exactly identical to an original document. When I compared mine to my friend’s originals, neither of us could tell the difference between the two.
Jason, Mississippi

I wasn't sure if this company could provide a reproduction of a certificate for a university in Ireland. I decided to take a chance and placed my order. As expected, they requested I provide an image of my existing document. I scanned the image and sent it to them. I am very pleased and happily surprised with the resulting certificate that I received. Nice work! Thank you!
Ryan, Dublin

Thanks! I received my custom made diploma and must tell you it is absolutely stunning. It is currently framed and displayed proudly on my work desk. No one has even speculated that it is a fake.
Travis, Rhode Island

I have found nothing to criticize in your products. They’re all good. I feel like I have to compliment you on the very good customer service, though. It’s nice to know that you’re running this business professionally. Keep going with the exceptionally good work and good luck in the future.
Gerard, Texas

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The fake documents you provide are excellent bargains at the prices your company charges. The documents I received are just as nice as the original. I must admit I was hesitant at first to place my order. I took the chance and did it anyway. I’m so glad I did. Thank you. I’m glad to have been proven wrong in this case.
Robin, Brisbane

I haven't purchased a degree previous to this, so I don’t know how other sites are. I only know that the degree I received from your company is excellent. I am very pleased with the quality and the appearance. I advise everyone to buy from this site as well.
Jill, California

Your company’s customer service work is to be commended. I've heard that other sites don’t bother much with the customer after they’re paid. They only want their money. I’m glad you run a professional site that offers great products. Thank you.
William, Sydney

I thoroughly appreciated your prompt responses and your courteous manner. I also noted your professionalism in business, your excellent client services and high quality products. Customer satisfaction should be important to any business; unfortunately it is seldom taken seriously these days.
Alec, Oregon

I was somewhat nervous in placing an order through your website since you didn’t have a toll free number. However, now I’m glad I took the chance! The documents you created for me were great! They looked 100% like my original. I’m very glad I didn’t order with xxxxxxx, especially after seeing the document my friend received from them.
Sharon, Missouri

Hello! My order arrived today and I want to thank you. I am completely satisfied with the products. I admit that I wasn't convinced that you were genuine, but I’m glad I took a chance and found out for myself. I’ve always heard that you get what you pay for. I’m happy to tell you I wasn’t disappointed.
Tina, Vancouver

I received the diploma I ordered today. I want to tell you thanks for offering express processing. Getting my order quickly was greatly appreciated!!! Your wonderful service made this a pleasant experience!! Again, thank you!!
Zhu, New Orleans

I am very impressed with how great your final product looks. Thank you, too, for the excellent quality of my document. I’m satisfied with how quietly and quickly you sent my diploma.
Keith, Arizona

I received my document today. I just want you to know that I’m completely satisfied with your exceptional results. Thank you so very much. I appreciate the work you’ve done.
Xrono, Greece

Just a quick note to let you know that I received my purchase and everything is in order, just as I expected. The quality of my document is actually quite good—better than I’d hoped. Thank you!
Jeffrey, Toledo

Hello! I received my documents today. Everything was exactly as expected. Many thanks for your great work!
Della, Virginia

I received the order, and am totally satisfied. Thank you so much. I truly believed that you’d supply a fantastic product, and am happy to report that you didn’t let me down. I’ll definitely order again. Thank you, also, for being professional throughout this process. That is greatly appreciated.
Karen, Iowa

I received my shipment yesterday and I was happy and excited to see my document when it arrived. I couldn’t ask for anything better from any company. I really wasn’t expecting such a high quality product.
Lawrence, Canada

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To be perfectly honest, I had a few concerns about spending so much money on this product. However, now that I’ve seen it, I believe I paid just the right amount :)
Harrison, South Dakota

Hi guys! I believe that I owe an apology to you. The diplomas I ordered arrived earlier than expected plus, they look fantastic. I am stoked about how realistic they look. Great job! Thank you!
Gretchen, Delaware

Thank you! My order has arrived and I am completely satisfied with both my diplomas and with the transcripts. The quality is exceptional. In the past I ordered from xxxxxxx.com. My name was spelled wrong, and they didn’t even include the university seal. I felt ripped off by them, which is why I was worried about ordering from you.
Terrance, Georgia

I just wanted to take a moment to say a quick “thanks” for sending my diploma. It actually helped me keep my job. In the beginning, I was hesitant, but now I’m glad I made the purchase. I will make sure all my friends know about buying diplomas online through your site!
Thomas, Hawaii

I received the transcripts and diploma that I ordered from your company. I want to let you know you did an amazing job on both. Thank you. Even though my order seemed to take a very long time to arrive--which did raise a few doubts--I'm delighted to have ordered from you. Thanks, too, for the unexpected extras!
Mike, Nevada

Thank you! I’ve received my replica degree and I am excited to see that it is truly an exact copy of the original. It was definitely worth the money paid and the craftsmanship is exceptional. I am extremely happy with the quick delivery as well as your clear communications throughout the ordering process. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone needing to replace their lost or damaged college diploma. Thank you, again. I plan to utilize your service once more, in the near future because I need to order a duplicate of my lost Masters degree. I’m a truly satisfied customer.
Susan, Connecticut

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