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It is important to remember that the fake diplomas and fake transcripts we display on our samples page are just samples. Unlike other websites that will simply slap your information into their template, we carefully make each order specifically for you. We use your requirements to make sure that you get the item that you need. We like to stay in touch with our customers throughout the process, allowing them to request changes or approve the final design, so that your final diploma or transcript looks exactly how you want it to look and there are absolutely no errors. Once you have reviewed these samples, you will have a very good idea of what you might want to buy. If this is the case, do not hesitate to place your order!

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All of the samples on this page are going to be marked with our watermark and distorted, so that they cannot be stolen by our competitors. Your finished product will, of course, be printed without the watermark and with the right proportions. You can get a better idea of what the template looks like by clicking on the image. This will give you a higher resolution image so you can see the details with more clarity. It’s important to note that we can only provide a small portion of samples. The documents here do not reflect our entire stock. Each document will include only the words that you send to us. Your document will not have our company name or “replica” or “novelty” printed anywhere on it. We cannot change the name of the institution, as the name is integral to the design of the template and to making the final document look as authentic as possible.

Before you order, be sure to look at the samples fake diploma. Reviewing these samples will help you understand what information we need to create your document. If you do not see the school you want your document to be from represented here, contact us to ask if it is available. All of samples fake diploma are the best of the best in the industry.

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We absolutely respect any and all copyrights the educational institutions might have on the documents we use. We cannot upload every template to our website because it infringes on their copyrights. We can only display a small number of the templates, editing them so they appear generic. Your final document will be anything but generic. Instead, we use your specifications to create a highly customized finished product that is high quality. Click on the thumbnails provided to see a better version of each sample. If you are going to be ordering yourself a fake transcript or any other fake document, it is in your best interest to create a course list for that transcript. This makes your document look more authentic. If you want to see a sample of lists for transcripts, see our fake college diploma courses or fake replica listing sections. When you order, please email us your course list. Order your transcript today!

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Many of the templates displayed here are white. The paper that the finished documents are actually printed on are in a variety of different colors. We use both parchment and security paper, picking the color that best matches the paper that the real school uses for printing their documents.

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Our samples have our name displayed across the front only to prevent our competitors from stealing our images and using them on their own websites. The actual document you receive will not contain our business name!

Get Your Frame!

Buy your fake certificate only from a website that you trust. We work hard to build trust with our customers, so you know that you have complete control over the wording on your document and what will actually be on that document when you get it. You are purchasing a very high quality document—and that document should have a frame.

If you are going to give this product as a gift, you might want to purchase a frame to help preserve the document. Not only will it protect it, it will enhance the appearance of the document and make it look more professional. We have a variety of frames to choose from that are perfect for just about any document. You might even want to add fake diploma medallions to give the piece even more visual interest.

If you have been looking to buy documents online, you might be wondering whether or not it is ethical to buy a novelty, even from the best site. The truth is that most websites sell only novelty degrees, which can be given as gifts or used as replacements for your actual document. How ethical it is to buy certificates online depends entirely on what the degree is going to be used for. One of the most common uses for a document is as a replacement in order to buy novelty fake diplomas. While you do have the option of ordering a replica from your university, actually getting the copy can take a long time and you often have to provide lots of personal information and pay a fee in order to actually get your university to send you a replacement. Buying a novelty online is usually a much faster and cost-effective option from a good fake diploma maker.

Another ethical use for a novelty is as a gift for a relative or friend. Because you can get a degree that says just about anything, you can easily create a funny or heartfelt gift for someone that you want to surprise. Because these degrees can be made to look very real, the result is a great gift that the recipient is sure to treasure. The best novelty site will give you lots of options when it comes to documents that you can choose, names of universities, and even what the document will look like.

The most traditional frame is the brown wooden frame. This will look very classy holding your degree. The frame itself is great for both real and fake documents and will blend naturally into many different types of décor. A darker, mahogany frame might be better if your home is filled with antiques, while metal might be the much better option for a more modern environment. Metal frames come in a number of finishes and colors, including bronze, gold, silver, glossy, and patina.


You might want to do as much research as possible before making your purchase. Looking at review sites, to look for information and to compare products is a good place to start, but only if you can find a review website that is not owned by another document company (which won’t be impartial at all). These websites can still be a good resource for looking at products and getting an idea of what you want when you buy a fake college diploma. During your research, we are confident you will not find a website that matches what can provide to you. We even have more than one hundred college majors to add to your document!

It is important to note that the diplomas we make for you are supposed to be used only as novelties. Using one of these items as a joke or a prop can be fun! They can even make touching gift or as a way to display your education and accomplishment, without endangering the original document. Use these documents as you want, but remember that they should not stand in for a real degree. They look real, but they are not real.