Fake Degrees and Colleges Online

It’s impossible to say that the education industry has not been impacted by the availability of fake degrees online. This so-called black market has made it easy for just about anyone to simply pay for the degree that they want. The effect has even gone beyond impacting just universities and has an effect on society as a whole.

Online Research Before You Buy a Degree

It’s easy to see, when you search for fake degrees, that there are hundreds of thousands of results, many of which are companies that are offering to sell online university degrees. These range from almost free, to in the thousands of dollars, depending on the quality promised and the kind of degree requested. Most of these companies have very rapid turnaround times, making it very easy to get a degree in your hands in a matter of days. Others focused on providing the purchaser with a kit, rather than buy fake degree transcripts, so they can make their own document and print it out on their own computer. Many will ship the document to you, usually in just a few days.

You may be thinking that this sounds great and are ready to purchase your degree. There are, however, some downsides to purchasing from this company. Why can’t you just buy a fake Colorado Technical University diploma and use it in your professional life? Because you have not learned the knowledge or gotten the experience that getting a real degree requires. You do not learn anything when you buy a fake degree. This process takes no time, very little effort, and, in many cases, very little money. This means that you should be careful when you are going to buy fake degrees. You should only buy one if you are sure you want one.

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Why the warning? If you are caught with a fake degree, trying to use it to get a job or apply to an institution of higher education, you might find yourself with serious consequences. You might be able to get a job with one of these fake degrees, but you will not have the skills that you need to actually do the job well. In this instance, the dishonesty will likely come to light and you will be fired. Even if you are not fired, your coworkers, most of whom have worked hard for their own degrees, will hate you. If you used fake college degrees to get a promotion, they will hate you even more.

If you use a fake degree to get a job with the government, you will face ever harsher consequences. Along with being fired, you could face criminal charges.

A Story of Fake Doctorates

You may have heard about a woman who was hired to be a director in Homeland Security’s computer network division. She came with great credentials, specifically a doctorate in a field related to computers. Her credentials said that she had been working with computers for more than twenty years. But after only a few weeks on the job, her coworkers started to be suspicious. They weren’t sure if she had actually taken the classes she said she had or if she actually had fake college diploma courses on her documents. The division forced her to take a leave of absence while they investigated these concerns. Every single one of her degrees, from her bachelor’s to your doctorate degree were all given by the same school. She had believed that this was a real school, doing all of the course work and even writing a dissertation. Though she did the work, no one actually ever looked at it. She obviously did not understand how fake college diploma education works.

There have been many similar situations throughout the world where people just go out and buy a degree. Recently, a man was hired to be an executive in a blue chip organization. When others in the organization started to notice that he did not seem to know what he was talking about, it was found out that he had never even graduated from high school. Instead, he had purchased his documentation from a company that makes fake degrees. He used his charisma to charm his way into the organization and was hired as a leader in that organization with the help of a counterfeit degree. No company that hired him took the time to check and see whether or not his credentials were real.

With documentation that looks real, all you have to do is act as if you are qualified in order to get the job. The trouble arises, however, when it is discovered that you do not actually have the knowledge you need to do the job. The deeper your get into the organization, the more problematic the situation becomes.

There is another story that includes a pharmacist who thought that he had all of the knowledge he needed in order to become a practicing physician. Instead of going through school and getting the credentials he should have gotten, he bought degree transcripts and certificates, making it look like he had. He then moved to another country and started a practice. It was not long before his deception became apparent and he was deported back to his original country.

There are fake universities that will provide you a degree in just about anything, from a medical degree to mechanical engineering. No one wants these doctors or engineers out in the real world, working when they do not have the knowledge they need to actually be working in that field. The situations that are actually reported are only a small fraction of the people who actually buy and use fake credentials. Surely the largest portion of people who fake their documentation get away with it. Are the people you work with really qualified for the jobs they have? Most people who buy fake degrees never do anything malicious with them—they just want them for fun, but some do buy them to deceive other people.

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Purchasing a Fake Degree

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