Online Colleges and Fake Degrees

The education world has been significantly impacted by an increase in individuals and businesses offering fake degrees for purchase. This illicit marketplace does not only affect the field for which these degrees are provided, it has a ripple effect, touching the entire fabric of civilization.

Internet Research

Using Google, we went online and performed a search of the phrase “fake degrees.” We requested an exact match of these words. The results were an incredible 105,000 matches! From a single search! We looked at the first couple of pages in our search results, and noted that some of the ads were selling online university degrees. The price of these degrees varied greatly between nearly free to slightly less than $3,000. We discovered that one didn’t need to wait very long for these to be delivered, either. Some of these companies offered a kit to download, allowing one the ability to immediately print their own diploma. Others would use the mail system and have the degrees delivered directly to you within just a few days.

Great! Sign me up!

Now, hold on a minute. Sure, it sounds good, but there is a downside to be seriously considered. O.k. Tell me. Why shouldn’t I purchase a fake degree? You must purchase a fake Colorado Technical University Diploma and stay safe in the professional world.

The reality is that these degrees are instantly available and cheap; however, the appalling fact is that no discipline is gained from purchasing a fake diploma. There is nothing learned educationally, no career preparation is received, nor is any real life experience gained when one simply purchases a fake degree. This means there is virtually no sweat equity necessary in obtaining your diploma. So you need to be extremely careful when you are purchasing fake degrees. Only if you are sure then only go ahead and buy them. Otherwise it is best to avoid them.

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The possibility of being caught and suffering grave consequences needs to be seriously considered.

First, should it be revealed to the company you work for that you are utilizing a fake degree, you will most likely be fired. Immediately, with no questions asked. This would apply even if you believe your degree was based on “life credits.” Even if you managed to, somehow, keep your job, you would probably be detested by your co-workers. This would be especially true were you promoted before them due to your fake college degrees.

Secondly, should you aspire to, and attain a governmental position using a fake degree, you’ll be the subject of an uncomfortable investigation, fired, and probably even prosecuted. It’s something to think about.

The Ph.D. that Did Not Exist

Recently, there was a woman hired as a Director for one of the many computer network divisions with the then fairly new Homeland Security Department. She had excellent credentials, including a Ph.D. in a computer related field. Her credentials also demonstrated that she’d worked in that computer related field since 1980.

After just a few weeks, someone became suspicious that she had taken fake college diploma courses. She was placed on temporary leave until the issue was resolved. All of her degrees--including her Bachelors degree, her Master’s degree, and even her Doctorate--came from the same school. She believed it to be a real school because they required work to be completed. She was even required to write a dissertation, which she did. It, however, was never reviewed. Apparently, she did not understand fake college diploma education.

In a separate incident, a man was hired to a high level executive position in a certain blue chip organization. It was later discovered that he had dropped out of high school. Turns out, he’d received all of his certifications from a manufacturer of fake degrees. With a little acting ability together with a good bit of assistance by lady luck, he was able to establish and promote himself as being a successful leader in management. He was hired by several companies who never took the time to check the facts before offering him employment.

Acting as if you are more qualified that you actually are while working in an environment in which you are not sufficiently trained becomes much more problematic when the life of a person becomes involved.

Some years ago, in the Midwest, a pharmacist came to believe that he knew everything necessary to practice as a physician. So, using degree transcripts and purchasing bogus certificates, he relocated to a foreign developing country. There, he was able to establish a flourishing medical practice. He was swiftly deported when his deception was later discovered.

Several phony universities even provide a doctorate degree for nuclear physics! I definitely wouldn’t want these “doctors” working on nuclear reactors near my home!

These are but a few of the many reported incidents that occur on a regular basis. It makes you wonder how many pass without anyone ever discovering the truth. Who knows? The person you’re working with every day could easily not have those impressive qualifications he’s claiming he earned. It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Now, not everyone uses a fake college diploma for questionable activities, of course. Many fake degrees are used innocently, as fun novelties or they’re used primarily in theater or even in movie productions.

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Fake degree sites are very common these days. The popularity of online college degree manufacturing has been steadily increasing, as many individuals are seeking methods to free their artistic energies. It’s best to perform some research about the company you’re dealing with prior to making a purchase. An easy, and highly recommended, method to become educated about these companies is to visit diploma review sites, which will provide non-biased reviews of various companies involved in creating fake diplomas.

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