FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The best way to get specific answers to your questions is to contact us! Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below to give you an overview of the information you might need before placing your order. We might have already provided an answer to the question that you have. If you don’t find what you need here, just let us know. Our customer service representatives are ready and waiting to answer all your questions. We know that only when you have all the information you need will you be ready to make a purchase. Once you have the information you need, place an order! Until then, please read our frequently asked questions or get in touch!

If you are going to buy fake college diploma, it is a good idea to purchase a fake transcript that matches it, and vice versa. Together, they are a complete set and both are available for purchase from us at an affordable price.

How do I know what educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools, etc.) I can choose from?

We have worked to collect diplomas and documents from thousands of different institutions, allowing us all the information we need to make fake diplomas and the transcripts to go along with them. These schools are located all over the world and we are still adding more and more institutions to our collection. The best way to find out what schools you have to choose from is to contact us. We will let you know if we already have a template for the school you want your document to be from. If we do, you can simply use our Order Page to place your order. If you would like to see our pricing structure, it is on this page. Even if we do not have the template available, if you can send us a scanned image in .jpg or .pdf format of the document you want us to replicate, we can make it for you!

What will my fake college transcript or diploma look like?

The fake degrees and transcripts that we make are identical to the real documents provided by the real school. Every single document that we make is customized to your exact specifications. We continue to work with you until the product looks exactly how you want it to look. Most documents, including a degree, certificate, or diploma, will contain the information you provide during the order process. The name of the institution or school, the name of the graduate, the type of degree, the major chosen, the classes taken, the graduation date—all of this is included at no extra charge.

Each of the fake college degrees, diplomas, and transcripts we create is shipped with the right seals, signatures that make it look exactly like a real document. This is all at no extra cost, unlike many of our competitors! The seal will be perfectly copied to match what is on the original version of the document. In short, the certificates we make are exact replicas of the originals.

For even better authenticity, the paper we print on is purchased from the exact same vendor who supplies universities with the paper they use for their documents. This means extremely high quality parchment, made specifically for universities is used for our documents.

We essentially use the exact same process and skills to create the novelty transcripts we produce. They will be printed on security paper, which is used to prevent tampering or reproduction of the product. Again, it is the exact same paper that universities and schools use to create their transcripts, making ours a perfect copy of the original. If there is a seal or watermark on the original, it will be on the copy. Often, this type of paper will have special markings that make it impossible to make a photocopy of the transcript—if this appears on the original, it will appear on our duplicate, too.

Best of all, your transcript will be customized to your exact needs. If you want transfer credits notated, we can do it. The document will include the registrar’s signature and the seal of the university. Even the smallest details will be attended to. Because there will be no visible difference between a real transcript and a fake transcript, no one will be able to tell the difference.

A Note: Because we want our documents to look as real as they can, we do not include the world “replica” or “novelty,” on any of our products. It will neither be written nor stamped on your document.

pepperdine university transcript

We take special care to make sure that the signatures on our documents look authentic. Whether you need fake diplomas or fake transcripts, both will have signatures that make use of an “autopen” to create an inscription that looks exactly like an authentic signature.

Every last one of these steps is important to making sure that you copy looks exactly like the original.

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Can my transcript show transfer credits and can I choose the course that appear on that transcript?

That is one of the biggest benefits of ordering from us! We are able to customize your transcript so that it includes any and all of the courses you select—all at absolutely no extra cost to you. In order to create your transcript, we will need you to include the data you wanted printed on the document. We will only use the information you give us, so be thorough (and creative)! You may either provide us with a complete formatted course list with gpa calculated or we can create the course list for you, keep in mind that if we create the course list it will be a generic course list based on the major you have chosen but if you require a specific course list based on the university, major, date or gpa you have chosen then you will have to provide us with this course list in a word document.

Can you copy an original document for me?

If you have the original transcript or diploma that you want us to make a copy of, we can easily replicate it for you. All we need is a scan of the original, in a .jpg format emailed to us, so we can see all of the details that we need in order to create a copy that is exactly the same. Let us know about any specifications you might have when sending us the scan.

Is there a guide provided with the fake college transcripts ordered?

There is! Many of our fake college transcripts templates come with a guide, printed on the back of your transcript. It will include information about course codes and grades that is specific to the template you selected.

Can I get an embossed seal on my document?

Because most schools, colleges, and universities no longer use embossed seals on their documents, we do not provide them for our college diplomas or transcripts.

How can I see my document before you ship it to me?

We will always email you a proof of your document before we ship it. This is the time to look for any mistakes or any changes you want to make and then to give your final approval. Please mention that you would like to give final approval before anything is shipped when you place your order.

Are there any discounts for purchasing another document or set of documents?

We do offer discounts for individuals who would like to purchase another set of the documents that have already been produced. Each document could be as inexpensive as $50 a piece.

Do you utilize a verification service?

No. We do not use a verification service.

What are the sizes of your documents?

Diploma and Transcript size will be 11" x 8.5"

How can I pay for my document or documents?

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfers, and Western Union.

It should be noted that payment processing for each of these options will vary, which could delay your order.

Western Union payments take in between twelve and twenty-four hours. If you choose this option, you should visit your local Western Union. Once you have made the payment, provide us with your MTCN. Once we have verified it, the order will be prepped and shipped. If you want the fastest possible processing on your order, this is the best way to get it.

Bank wire transfers take in between five and eight days to process. Though this option does take longer than just about every other payment option, it can be more cost effective. The length of time that process requires depends entirely on the bank, though we have found that longer than a week is very uncommon. Once we have received payment, we verify it and then we immediately produce your document and ship it.

Bitcoin processing time will depend entirely on the method you use to pay us. Step by step instructions will be provided, this is the recommended payment option. A Bitcoin wallet can be funded using a variety of methods from Credit Cards to Wire and Money Transfers.

Credit Cards and PayPal are the additional payment options for quick processing of your order. If you would like more information about how to use them to pay for your documents, contact us.

Can I get a guarantee on the documents you create for me?

Yes! All of our replica diplomas and fake transcripts come with a 100% guarantee. Each fake document you buy from us is carefully and meticulously designed, crafted, printed, and inspected to make sure it matches every single specification you provided to us and to certify that is looks authentic. If you receive your order and you find an error on the finished product, please contact us immediately! We will correct the mistake and send you a corrected version, no questions asked!

Because many of our customers need our services only once or twice, as a novelty, we do not provide refunds. We will, of course, make corrections if we had made an error to your product.

How long does it take to get my item?

We endeavor to provide you with the very best delivery and turnaround time. The average order takes between eight and twelve business days, though we do have a rush option that enables us to create an order in less than three days. While this might be longer than some other services, please keep in mind that each and every single one of our documents is customized, made specifically for you, to your exact specifications. This means we need time to design, include the words, create the signatures, and provide a seal to the document. Making the documents look genuine does take time, especially because we endeavor to get it right the first time. You can rest easy knowing that your document will arrive at your home in less than three weeks—that’s a guarantee!

Where can you ship my document?

We ship all over the world using UPS Worldwide Express. Shipping is included in the quote that we provide to you. Once we have shipped the order, you will receive a tracking number.

Do you have a privacy policy?

We know that privacy is of the utmost importance to many of our clients. We take privacy very, very seriously and do everything we can to protect your information. As soon as you order is complete and we know that you are happy with the results, we actually destroy your order information. All of our packages are discreetly labeled, so no one will know what is inside. You never have to worry about your privacy when you order from us.

Where can I find a review of your site?

We know that reading reviews from satisfied customers is an important part of the purchasing process. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a review site that is honest. If you want to see reviews left by our customers, the testimonials page is a great place to look.

There are hundreds of degree sites being launched every day, offering the same types of diplomas and degrees. A small percentage of these websites are real. Many of them, however, simply steal your money and provide you with nothing. Many of these website create their own review websites that boost the reputation of their own, fake businesses, and write inaccurate reviews of their competitors. We are not affiliated with any other website and we certainly do not promote this behavior. For more information, look at our diploma review area, which contains proof that those review websites are owned by the same people that run scam fake diploma sites.

How do you provide a fake diploma or transcript that looks real?

We understand the skepticism that many of our customers have. There are hundreds of websites claiming to offer you a fake degree. Many of these are based in North America. Before you purchase your certificate from one of these websites, carefully consider the implications. Both of these countries have very strict laws about the creation and sale of fake documents, even if they are only a novelty. In the 1980s, a task force was created to eliminate businesses selling fake diplomas, fake transcripts and other documents.

The laws are not the same in Asia and Europe. While counterfeiting is, of course, outlawed, the creation of fake documents for novelty use is legal.

If you would like to see our price list, just click on the order page. We endeavor to provide only the highest quality degrees and diplomas, at the most affordable rates.

Other Information

Most of the websites offering to sell you a college diploma are going to offering you a very low quality diploma that is going to look very inauthentic. It will not stand up to scrutiny. This is why our degree prices are a little bit higher. For the quality that you are going to receive, you will not be able to find a better price. You can find even more information about our prices and the process of creating our diplomas on nd-center.com, in our FAQ section.

The best fake diplomas will be created with the same attention to detail as any piece of artwork. A really good one is going to be highly sought after. This is because real university diplomas are crafted with the best materials and to the institution’s very high standards. We use those same standards so that our replica diplomas do not look like fakes. If you held a real diploma and one of ours up next to one another, it would be impossible to tell which one is real and which one is the fake.

Once you have purchased your fake documents, you will still need one of our diploma covers. Not only will this protect your document, it will make it look even more authentic, as most diplomas are presented with covers.

One of the most important parts of ordering a transcript is picking the right classes. Please pay special attention to picking your classes when you are placing your order.

When it comes to education, there is no bigger debate than whether or not a bachelor’s is really necessary, or whether the time and money that a person has to invest in getting one is just time and money wasted. While it’s hard for anyone who has already spent the time and money to get a bachelor’s to say that it was completely worthless (especially if it has helped them get a job), those who are still trying to decide whether or not a degree is for them may still be concerned with whether or not they actually need to go to all that school in order to get a great job, especially when you can buy novelty documents online.

Reading this Frequently Asked Question section carefully can prevent you from making mistakes during the order process that will ultimately make you dissatisfied with the end result. If you have any additional questions, please contact us immediately. We know that you may have a number of questions about this process, how it works, and what you need to do to get what you want. After a little bit of research and asking a few questions, you should be able to buy a document with confidence. We are always here to answer any questions you might have!