FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Receiving correct answers to your questions about our diplomas, transcripts and other documents, is as easy as just asking! But, before you contact us, you might want to take a moment to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) found here. We may have already answered you question. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we invite you to Contact Us. We’re here to help.

If you wish to buy fake college diploma make sure that you ensure to buy a fake transcript as well. We offer both these items at an affordable rate. Don’t overlook one item in favor of another. Both these documents are equally important.

Is there a list providing the names of educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges, etc.) for which diplomas are available?

Over the years we’ve collected, literally, thousands of original diplomas (proofs) from which we create fake diplomas and matching transcripts. These come from schools, universities, and colleges located worldwide. We’ve been adding new colleges to that list every day. All you have to do is Contact Us  and we’ll check to see if we have the diploma or transcript template you need. When you receive confirmation that the template for your document is available, you can easily place the order on our Order Page. Details regarding our current price structure can also be found on this page. If we don’t have it, we can create one for you. As long as you can send a scanned image (.jpg format) of the exact document you want we’ll be able to replicate it! Our standard charges will still apply.

I’m intrigued. Can you tell me what a novelty transcript and/or fake university diploma look like?

That’s an easy one. The transcripts and fake degrees that we provide are identical copies of transcripts, diplomas, or degrees that are given out by the applicable educational institution (school, university, or college). Each of our documents is completely custom-made, to meet all of the strict requirements that our clientele demand. We work together with our clients, until we know that everything is perfect. We don’t quit until it is a perfect copy. The typical document—degree, diploma, or certificate-- contains information which the client provides to us. This includes the educational institution name, be it high school, college, university, etc., the graduates name, the degree type, major or educational field studied, and the graduation date.


Every one of the fake college degrees or diplomas that we offer is sold and shipped is a complete package. This means that all seals, signatures, and embossed lettering, as it appears on the original documents, are included--at no extra cost to you! The seals--another of our areas of expertise—are actually individually created to be an exact copy as found on the original documents. To put it another way, the certificates we provide are completely accurate re-creations of your original document.

In order to give our documents an additional touch of authenticity, we make it a point to purchase our paper from the same vendor who supplies several universities with the same kind of paper they use for their documents! That’s right. Our novelty diplomas and certificates are printed on the same high quality parchment used by universities in the United States!

We use the very same expertise when creating our novelty transcripts. These documents are also printed on various security paper types. These are also recognized as tamper-proof or non-reproduction papers. This unique security paper is used by many universities and colleges worldwide and it is the very same paper used in creating our novelty fake transcripts. We even customize this special paper with additional features (for instance, watermarks or other security measures) that may be used by schools. This ensures you receive an exact duplicate of an original transcript. This means that if there is a university seal watermark on the original, the same watermark will appear on the duplicate. Sometimes, hidden words, like “copy” or “void” are embedded into the original transcript paper to thwart forgeries. We make sure that if these appear on the original, they will also appear on your duplicate transcript.

Lastly, we are able to customize you transcript course list to meet your specifications. We can even notate transfer credits! The signature of the registrar and the university seal are also provided. Every detail is included. No one will be able to guess that your document is really a fake transcript.

An Important Note: We work hard to create documents that look as authentic as they possibly can. Therefore, it’s important to know that neither the word “replica” nor the word “novelty” nor any word to that effect, are stamped or written anywhere on documents that we produce.

pepperdine university transcript

We also take pride in the signatures that appear on our documents. The same care and consideration goes into creating signatures on the fake diplomas and fake transcripts that we provide. We, first, perform considerable research to determine the appropriate signatures that should appear on your document. We, then, utilize an "autopen" apparatus to generate a historically correct inscription.

All of these steps are equally important in creating your final product—an exact copy of an original document that you will be pleased with and proud to display!

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Can my transcripts be customized to show transfer credits or to incorporate specific courses of my choice?

Yes! We are able to customize transcripts to include any courses you desire—at no additional cost. As all of our transcripts are entirely customized to the requirements you specify. You only need to include the relevant list of course data when placing your order. We only use information you provide, so feel free to be creative, and make sure that you’re thorough!

I have an original document. Can I send it to you for duplication?

If there is an available original (also known as the “proof”) of your requested certificate, degree, diploma, or transcript, we’ll be happy to duplicate it for you. Just send it along to us and we’ll create an exact replica made to fit the specifications you desire. We prefer the original document image be scanned (.jpg format, please) and emailed so we will be able to view all of the details and produce the most accurate copy to your exact stipulations.

Do the transcripts you provide have transcript guides?

They certainly do! We have templates for many types of current transcripts and their corresponding transcript guides. The transcript guide appears on the reverse side of your transcript. It provides detailed information concerning the course codes and grading structure for the specific transcript that was produced for you.

Are embossed seals included with your documents?

Most universities and colleges no longer utilize embossed seals for their certificates or other documents from their schools. Therefore, in accordance with those guidelines, we do not provide embossed seals for transcripts or college diplomas, either. Instead, we employ a unique printing procedure that embeds a seal directly onto the document. This creates an exceedingly realistic embossed result. We’ve discovered that this is what the majority of universities and colleges are currently doing, so it’s only sensible that we follow suit. You won’t be disappointed when you see the results we’re able to achieve.

Can I see a document proof before it ships?

Yes! Absolutely! We will be happy to email a proof to you of any document we’ve created prior to shipping. As a matter of fact, your document order will be shipped only when you give your final approval. Be sure you mention that this is a requirement when placing your order.

Do you offer discounts should I require another set of documents?

Yes. As soon as your documents--diplomas, degrees, transcripts, etc.—are produced, you may place an order for additional sets. These can cost as low as $50.00 for each document.

Do you have a verification service?

Simply put, no. We don’t have a verification service.

Which payment options are available?

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Western Union, C-gold, or Bank Transfers.

Payment processing times vary by each option. Please make note of these times before deciding which payment method you’ll use.

Western Union (Payments twelve to twenty-four hours to process)
Customers using Western Union are to visit their local Western Union Office to make their payment. Customer will then notify us with the MTCN, and we will then verify the number within twelve to twenty-four hours. Upon verification, we’ll immediately start your order preparing it for shipping to you. This option is best for those customers requiring prompt processing for their order, as we can begin as soon as we have the MTCN.

Bank Wire Transfers (Payments take five to eight business days to process).
This method takes a little more time than other methods, using bank transfers are cost-effective in funding your order. It will take five to eight business days, but this depends on the bank. It’s highly unlikely that a bank transfer will take longer than one week, but there may be an occasion when it could take a little longer. Upon fund receipt in our account, we’ll verify payment and then, immediately, prepare and finish your purchase.

C-gold (The timeframe for this option depends on funding method utilized)
You must already have funds in a C-gold account to use this option. It’s easy to fund the account via a number of options—from your credit card to a wire transfer. As soon as your C-gold account is funded, the funds must then be transferred to our account with C-Gold. Many of our customers find this process is a bit complicated, not to mention time-consuming. However, the selection of payment choices that C-gold offers makes it attractive to a number of our clients.

Moneybookers and PayPal have recently been introduced as payment methods. We ask that you contact us to receive additional information regarding these options.

Do you offer a guarantee on the fake diplomas and transcripts you create?

Yes, we do! Our replica diplomas and fake transcripts are guaranteed for quality with no hesitation! Every fake document that we create is thoroughly inspected to ensure they’ve been produced to your specifications as well as to make certain they appear to be 100% authentic. If, upon receipt and review of your order, an error is discovered (for instance, the wrong graduation date appears, or there is a spelling mistake), all you need to do is contact us right away. We will correct the mistake and immediately ship the corrected document and we won’t ask any questions.

Because the majority of our clients utilize the services we provide on a one-time basis, for novelty purposes, (purchasing a document to show to parents or to impress a boss are two examples), we don’t provide refunds.

How long will it take to complete my novelty item order?

We’re very proud of our quick delivery of products and our customer satisfaction rates.

The typical amount of time for normal processing of orders is eight to 12 business days. Rush orders are completed within 72-hours. We’re sure you’re thinking that seems like a long time, and it is a bit longer than for most other things you’d order. Please remember, however, that these are customized items. The process involved in creating a precisely accurate duplicate to your specifications--matching the verbiage, signatures, and seal of a genuine document--is a task that can be time-consuming task. A task we want to get right—on the first try. It may take a little extra time to do that. But, you can be assured that your purchase will arrive on your doorstep within three weeks. Guaranteed.

Where do you ship?

We ship to locations around the world via UPS Worldwide Express. The shipping costs are already included in your order total. You will receive tracking information when your order is shipped to you.

What is your privacy policy?

We’re very aware that privacy is a major concern to our customers, simply because of the kinds of items we offer for sale. We take this issue very seriously and go to great lengths to protect your privacy. After completing your order and as soon as we know you’re satisfied with the results, the order information is destroyed. We also ensure that your order is discreetly packaged so no one can know the contents. You’re privacy is safe with us.

Where can I find an impartial review site?

The shortest, most honest answer is, “You can’t.” If you want to know what past customers think of our service, please take a look at our page of testimonials to read their feedback.

BE AWARE! There are a great number of new degree sites popping up, offering all types of diplomas and degrees. A few of these businesses actually do offer real products. Unfortunately, many will simply take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

You should also be aware that many scammers will use, and even host, internet forums and review sites to post inaccuracies and false reviews against their competitors and, at the same time, promoting their own websites and their affiliates. It’s disgraceful. We’ve never used these types of tactics, and we never will. Furthermore, we’re able to provide proof to our customers using actual instances of this alarming trend. Please check our diploma review section for more information. You’ll discover irrefutable evidence that these review sites are, in actuality, owned and run by the fake diploma site owners.

How can you provide an authentic ooking fake diploma or transcript?

It’s become obvious that there is a great number of fake degree websites starting up recently. These businesses are located from around the world. It’s important to consider from which country you’ll be purchasing your document. For instance, if you’re planning to buy your certificate from a site base in the United States or Canada, you may want to take just a moment and think about that decision! The United States has extremely strict laws concerning false documents and they prohibit any reproduction of these kinds of documents--even if they’re only for novelty use. During the 1980s, the United States Senate set up a task force, and officials created strict measures to close all sites providing fake diplomas, degrees, and other false documentation.

However, in Europe and Asia, the laws concerning these types of novelty products are less rigorous. While these governments are still very strict against counterfeits, they are, generally, somewhat open minded regarding novelty items.

You can view our price list in the Order Page. Just scroll up and click the Order Page. We are extremely proud that we offer degrees and diplomas of a very high quality at the best prices to be found on the internet. Our price list can be seen on our Order page. Scroll up and click our “Order” link, today!

Miscellaneous Information

Some college diploma sites available today are of terrible, low quality documents. We don’t want you to get taken advantage of by them. You’ll find a lot of sites providing documents, but none that produce the quality of ours or with degree prices like ours—our prices cannot be equaled anywhere. Be sure to read the FAQ section on our site, nd-center.com to find answers to your questions.

Remember that some creative fake diplomas are looked at as art works and many are highly sought after. That may be because currently, university diplomas are exceptionally made to high standards, which means they’re more difficult to pick out as “fakes.” Properly finished replica diplomas are so near to the genuine article, that no one can tell that it’s not real.

Even when you’ve placed your order for your fake documents, it’s not complete until you’ve also looked at our diploma covers. A diploma cover is the best way to protect your investment in your new document.

A most important aspect of your transcript order is the list of courses. Please be sure to pay attention to this when placing your order with us.

In closing, remember to read through this “Frequently Asked Question” section carefully, learn all you can about the kind of document and the look of the finished product. Make sure you ask lots of questions so you know exactly what you want and what you can expect to receive from the company you choose to purchase from. We’re confident that when you do the proper research and your doubts are cleared away, that you will choose to make your purchase from us. Just let us know what you need. We’re here to assist!

One of the most important aspects of a transcript order is the course list so please do make sure you pay close attention to this while you are placing an order with us.