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We have courses listed ranging from Banking to Business Management. You can select any one of them to create your fake degrees. This will be your major. For each subject there are a wide range of courses to choose from also. The subjects that are chosen will appear on your degree as the subjects you have studied.


BNKG 101 Accounting Principles
BNKG 102 Economics for Managers
BNKG 103 Business Statistics
BNKG 104 Money, Banking & Finance
BNKG 105 Management Concepts
BNKG 106 Business Info. Sys.
BNKG 107 Intro. to Marketing
BNKG 121 Qtv. Meth. for Business Fin. & Econ.
BNKG 122 Intro. Financial Modeling
BNKG 123 Financial Inst. Mgmt.
BNKG 124 Corporate Finance
BNKG 125 Intro. to Business Law
BNKG 126 Economic Analysis & Policy
BNKG 127 Macroeconomics
BNKG 231 Microeconomics
BNKG 232 Law of university certificate
BNKG 233 Wealth Management
BNKG 234 Investment Anal. & Mgmt.
BNKG 235 Credit and Lending
BNKG 236 Int. Corporate Finance
BNKG 241 Statistical Inference
BNKG 243 Corporate Finance
BNKG 244 Economic Anal. & Policy
BNKG 245 Intro. to Business Law
BNKG 246 Math. & the Asses. of Risk
BNKG 351 Law of Finance
BNKG 352 Derivative Secu. & Risk Mgmt.
BNKG 353 Risk Mgmt. Principles
BNKG 354 Forecasting
BNKG 355 Wealth Management
BNKG 361 Investment Analysis & Mgmt.
BNKG 362 Portfolio Management
BNKG 363 Mergers and Takeovers
BNKG 364 Global Banking

Biblical Studies

BIBL 101 Intro. to Bibl Stu:Old Testament
BIBL 102 Intro. to Bibl Stu:New Testament
BIBL 103 Missions & Evangelism
BIBL 104 Topics in Biblical Studies
BIBL 105 Old Testament Hebrew II
BIBL 121 Basic Christian Doctrine
BIBL 122 History of Christianity II
BIBL 123 Bible Book Study: John
BIBL 124 Bible Book Study: Romans

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BIOL 101 General Biology I
BIOL 102 General Biology 1I
BIOL 103 General Biology III
BIOL 104 General Biology IV
BIOL 105 Introduction to Biology college degrees online
BIOL 121 Exploring the World of Plants
BIOL 122 Human Anatomy for Nurses
BIOL 123 Genetics: Human Aspects
BIOL 124 Human Physiology for Nurses
BIOL 125 California Natural History
BIOL 231 Birds and Birding
BIOL 232 Microbiology for Nurses
BIOL 233 Microbiology fake diplomas without hassle
BIOL 234 California Flora & Vegetation
BIOL 235 Plant Physiology
BIOL 236 Biology of Plants
BIOL 241 Principles of Ecology
BIOL 242 Molecular Cell Biology
BIOL 243Genetics
BIOL 244 Developmental Biology
BIOL 245 Pr. of Evo. & Adaptation
BIOL 351 Conservation Biology
BIOL 352 Human Physiology
BIOL 353 Marine Biology
BIOL 354 Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 361 Neurobiology
BIOL 362 Restoration Ecology
BIOL 363 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 364 Immunology

Buddhist Studies

BUDH 220 Intro. to World Religions
BUDH 230 Intro. to Buddhism
BUDH 480 Problems in Buddhism
BUDH 480 Theories of Buddhist Meditation
BUDH 484 Buddhist Tantra
BUDH 525 Tools in Buddhist Studies
BUDH 527 History of Buddhist Studies
BUDH 528 Comparative Topics in Buddhism
BUDH 625 Readings in Buddhist Lit.
BUDH 699 Directed Readings in Buddhist Studies
BUDH 799 Buddhist Study

Business Administration

BADM 101 Acc. for Decision Making fake diploma maker
BADM 102 Social, Legal, & Ethical Env. of Business
BADM 103 Business Writing
BADM 104 Introduction to BIS
BADM 105 Intro. Microeconomic
BADM 106 Intro. Macroeconomic
BADM 107 Corporation Finance quality online bachelor degree
BADM 108 Microcomputer App. in Business
BADM 201 Prog. with Bus. App.
BADM 202 Survey of Management
BADM 203 Basic Mgmt. Concepts
BADM 204 Conte. American Marketing
BADM 205 Principles of Marketing
BADM 206 Elementary Statistics
BADM 207 Intro. to Stat. for Bus.
BADM 208 Social, Legal, & Ethical Env. II
BADM 209 Problems of Small Bus.
BADM 2010 Business Logistics Mgmt.
BADM 301 Microeconomic Analysis
BADM 302 Macroeconomic Analysis
BADM 303 Personal Finance
BADM 304 Intro. to Heath Ser. Org.
BADM 305 Organization of Data
BADM 306 Net. & Telecom.
BADM 307 New Media & the Web
BADM 308 Industrial Relations
BADM 309 Race, Gender, & Employment
BADM 310 Techniques of Calculus I
BADM 311 Leadership & Motivation
BADM 312 Management & Organization
BADM 313 Human Resource Management
BADM 314 Personal Selling buying degree possible
BADM 315 Race, Gender, & Employment

Business Law

BLAW 101 Business Law
BLAW 102 Corporations Law (Ipswich)
BLAW 103 Corporations Law (St Lucia)
BLAW 201 Income Tax Law
BLAW 202 Legal Environment of Business
BLAW 203 Corporate Law
BLAW 303 Business Law (St Lucia)
BLAW 304 Business Law (Ipswich)
BLAW 305 Income Tax Law (Ipswich)
BLAW 401 Advanced Tax Law
BLAW 402 Law & Financial Transactions
BLAW 403 Business Taxation

Our lists of disciplines are wide ranging and cover almost every kind of subject imaginable. The courses given under these subjects also have a wide range to it. We can create fake degrees to match any subject.