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Prices for our transcripts and college degrees are listed below. All prices shown and any quotes provided are in U.S. Dollar currency. This is the industry standard for this type of product. You will note that our prices do not change based on the kind of degree ordered. This is because our development costs do not change. Our costs are the same no matter what type of degree you order. So, whether you desire a Bachelor’s or Doctorate degree, the price will be the same. Our prices are for single documents. Priority shipping continues to be provided at no extra charge. So go ahead and order a fake college degree of your choice today! Also don't forget to checkout the fake diplomas university guide page, it has many sample images of the fake diplomas and trasncripts we create.

Price (US$)
College/University Diploma and Transcript
College/University Diploma
College/University Transcript
Custom Created Document
Additional Copy of Diploma or Transcript 50.00
Rush Printing (72 hour processing)
Priority Shipment (UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx)


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Quick & Easy Ordering

Ordering is fast and easy. Simply provide us the name of the university or educational institution and the type of diploma, fake degree, or transcript you desire. While we do have an extensive list of available schools, unfortunately, we don’t have them all. If it happens that we don’t have your desired educational institution on our list, it will be necessary for you to provide an exact scanned copy (in either .jpg format or .pdf format, please) of the specific document you want to have replicated.

If the school, college, or university you desire is available from our list, then it’s even easier to place your order! Simply click our “Order Now” request button, and complete the quick and easy order form. When we receive and process your order information, we’ll then provide an all-inclusive price quote for your specific order. You can expect to receive your quote within 24 hours. As soon as all order details are confirmed, we’ll be happy to assist you in making payment arrangements. Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt of your payment.

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Send Us Proof! (The Original, that is!)

If you happen to have a proof (original) of the document you’d like to order, we ask that you send it along—even if the template already appears on our list of fake diplomas and transcripts. Comparing your proof with our template ensures that you’ll receive an exact duplicate, which is what you want, after all. We’ll check for any minute differences between your document proof and our template, making any corrections or changes as necessary. This results in a completely accurate copy of your certificate—right down to the tiniest detail. Just email a scanned copy of the proof (in either .jpg format or .pdf format, please). We’ll do everything else!

Columbia University Diploma

Documents in Languages other than English

We specialize only in diplomas, transcripts, and documents from those educational institutions using English as their primary language. Obviously, this means their documents are also printed in English. Therefore, we do not offer documents in a foreign language to the general public. However, if you are able to provide a scanned image and specific guidance telling us exactly how to proceed in creating your document, we might be able to assist. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do You Have Questions?

For additional clarification, information, or inquiries concerning your order, please contact us. We look forward to a mutually satisfying transaction. We’re confident that you’ll be as proud to display your new certificate, as we at nd-center.com are to design it! Are you ready to order? Great! Simply click the “Order Now” button which can be found below!

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Available Resources

Before making a commitment, do yourself a favor and be absolutely sure that you have the answers to all of your questions. One of the best ways to find information is to investigate a good fake diploma review. You already know that ordering your college diploma is quick and easy, and you know that it can benefit your career. What you may not know, but will learn through a little research, is that nd-center.com has become one of the leaders in the industry, simply because of the quality of our products as well as our high customer care standards.

Our primary focus is to produce the very best fake diplomas of excellent quality, at prices which are affordable to everyone. We utilize the most up to date graphic design programs, which makes the quality of our degrees unbeatable—by anyone! Some may believe our prices for fake ged diplomas, university degrees, certificates, or transcripts are higher. It’s understandable. The reality is, however, that the prices we charge are truly competitive and are all-inclusive. This means that everything—seals, embossing, honors, and security, are all included. There is no extra cost to you!

One more thing! After you’ve decided on and have purchased the perfect document, don’t forget to buy a fake diploma frame to display your document! We’ve made it quick and easy to order. Just click the above “Order” link to start the ordering process. We’ll check your order and send a comprehensive quote with all the details regarding payment options. As soon as your payment is received, we’ll process your order. When the order ships, an e-mail, including the order tracking information, will be sent.

We provide the following course list as a sample guide for your fake transcript orders. It is to be used as reference only and is made available to assist you in creating a customized list of potential courses for your personal transcript.