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Early Childhood Education

ECHE 101 Principles & Practices I
ECHE 102 Principles & Practices II
ECHE 103 Curriculum Development I
ECHE 107 Health, Safety, & Nutrition
ECHE 109 Field Placement I
ECHE 110 Field Placement II
ECHE 111 Field Placement III
ECHE 112 Interacting with accelerated college degree online Families
ECHE 113 Lang & Lit. for Young Children
ECHE 116 Supporting & Mng. Behaviour
ECHE 118 Curriculum Development II
ECHE 120 Child Development
ECHE 150 The ECHE Professional
ECHE 101 Intro. to Life-Span Dev.
ECHE 115 Guiding & Caring
ECHE 119 Intro. Observing & Rec.
ECHE 121 Interpersonal Comm.
ECHE 204 Admin. Skills for Supervisors
ECHE 205 Adv. Health, Safety, & Nutrition
ECHE 218 Family & Pro. Collab.
ECHE 203 Chld. Dev. - Infants & Toddlers
ECHE 207 Working with Infants & Toddlers
ECHE 203 Children with Exceptionalities
ECHE 210 Special Needs authentic fake degree
ECHE 215 Working with Children with Special Needs
ECHE 216 Academic Writing realistic replica diploma
ECHE 301 Foundations of Literacy
ECHE 302 Lit. Cur., Instruction & Asses.
ECHE 303 Theory & Practice in ECHE
ECHE 304 ECHE Policy Issues
ECHE 305 Language Development
ECHE 306 Cont. Issues fake college diploma without high school in ECHE
ECHE 307 ECHE Curriculum
ECHE 308 History of ECHE
ECHE 309 Qualitative Research in ECHE
ECHE 310 Early Childhood Assessment
ECHE 312 Reading & Writing Dev. of Young Chld


EDCT 101 An Intro. to Education
EDCT 102 Intro. to Working in the CCF
EDCT 103 Social Foun. of Education
EDCT 104 Teaching for Diversity
EDCT 105 Public Policy
EDCT 106 Div. in Chil. with Special Needs
EDCT 107 Curriculum & Env. in ECHE
EDCT 108 Rsch. Meth. for Observing Children
EDCT 110 Intro. to Dev. & Learning in Young Chil.
EDCT 111 Child Language Acquisition
EDCT 112 Social, Emotional, & Moral Dev.
EDCT 113 The Hospitalized Child
EDCT 114 Admin. EC Programs
EDCT 115 Children in Hospitals & Clinics
EDCT 116 Infants & Young how can online fake degrees help you Children
EDCT 117 Child Health & the Exp. Child
EDCT 118 EC Curricula for Children with SN
EDCT 119 History & Theories of Play in HD
EDCT 120 Interpersonal Communication
EDCT 123 Special Topics in Ed.
EDCT 128 Social Foundations of Ed.
EDCT 129 Teaching for Div.
EDCT 130 Children, Youth, and Family Issues
EDCT 203 Div. in Children with Special Needs
EDCT 204 Ast. & Int. for Children with SN
EDCT 205 Curriculum and online college diplomas Environments in ECHE
EDCT 206 Res. Meth. for Observing Chil.
EDCT 207 Dev. & Learning in Young Chil.
EDCT 208 Child Language Acq. fake university documents
EDCT 210 Dev. & Learning in Adolescents
EDCT 211 The Hospitalized Child II
EDCT 212 Families & the Community
EDCT 214 Sup. of Adults in Children's Prog.
EDCT 215 Admin. Early Childhood Prog.
EDCT 216 Medical Information
EDCT 217 Infants & Young Children
EDCT 218 Child Health & the Exceptional Child
EDCT 312 Math. in the Ele. School
EDCT 313 Secondary Math & Science Teachers
EDCT 315 Intro. to Comp. in Education
EDCT 316 Intro. to the Profession of TDL
EDCT 317 Issues in Education
EDCT 318 Building Structures for Equity, Excellence, and Access
EDCT 323 Teaching Language Arts & Lit. in the PG
EDCT 324 Teaching Reading & Lan. Arts in the ES
EDCT 327 Teaching R & W in the SS
EDCT 328 Topics in Chemistry
EDCT 329 Topics in Mathematics
EDCT 330 Topics in Biology
EDCT 401 Topics in Physics
EDCT 403 The Principalship
EDCT 404 Teaching for Diversity
EDCT 406 Instructional Leadership
EDCT 407 Fiscal & Bus. Services
EDCT 408 HR Management
EDCT 411 School Law & Public Policy
EDCT 412 Qualitative distance learning fake college degree Methods
EDCT 413 Quantitative Methods
EDCT 414 Ind. Pro. Development Plan
EDCT 415 Ind. Pro. Development
EDCT 416 Educational Tech. & IS
EDCT 417 Inquiry into Leadership
EDCT 419 Edu. Leadership and PP
EDCT 420 Edu. Program Evaluation
EDCT 422 Ethical and Moral Considerations
EDCT 423 Org. Development & School Imp.
EDCT 424 Curricular Leadership

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EBUS 400 Scripting & Web Services
EBUS 401 e-Business Fundamentals
EBUS 402 Computers and Society
EBUS 403 Web Implementation novelty fake diplomas
EBUS 404 e-Business Systems Application Context
EBUS 405 Secure e-Business Systems


ECNO 101 Women, Work, & Family
ECNO 102 The Eco. of World Migration
ECNO 103 Religion and Political Economy
ECNO 104 Macroeconomics & Politics
ECNO 105 How Do We Fight Poverty?
ECNO 106 Microeconomics I
ECNO 107 Labor Economics I printable fake diploma
ECNO 108 Economic Development I
ECNO 109 Macroeconomics I
ECNO 110 International Trade I
ECNO 111 Behavioral and Exp I
ECNO 112 Financial Markets I
ECNO 113 Public Economics I
ECNO 114 Microeconomic Theory
ECNO 115 Microeconomic fake college sports scholarships Theory
ECNO 201 Theory of Capital and Income
ECNO 202 Policy App. of Psych and Econ
ECNO 203 Intro. to Econometrics
ECNO 204 Globalization and History
ECNO 205 Poverty and Development
ECNO 206 Moral Persp on Econ Growth
ECNO 207 International Mon. Economics
ECNO 208 Intl. Trade and Investment
ECNO 209 International Trade Policy
ECNO 210 Industrial Organization
ECNO 211 Capital Markets
ECNO 212 The Indebted Society
ECNO 213 Race in America
ECNO 214 Economics of Social Problems
ECNO 215 Topics in Economic Development
ECNO 301 Indus Organization of Health Car
ECNO 302 Europe and the US
ECNO 303 Market Design
ECNO 304 Microeconomics II
ECNO 305 Labor Economics II
ECNO 306 Economic Development II
ECNO 307 Macroeconomics II
ECNO 308 International Trade II
ECNO 309 Behavioral and Exp II
ECNO 310 Financial Markets II buy replica diploma
ECNO 311 Public Economics II
ECNO 312 Macroeconomic Theory II
ECNO 313 Macroeconomic Theory II
ECNO 314 A Libertarian Perspective on
ECNO 315 Cultural Economics
ECNO 401 Psychology and Economics
ECNO 402 Game Theory in Economics
ECNO 403 Intro. Game Theory
ECNO 404 Intro. Econometrics
ECNO 405 Quantitative Methods in Econ
ECNO 406 Statistical Methods for
ECNO 407 Health, Education, and
ECNO 408 Microfinance
ECNO 409 Public Sector Economics
ECNO 410 American Economic Policy
ECNO 411 Economics of Health online bachelor fake degree costs Care Policy
ECNO 412 Econ of Intl. Financial
ECNO 413 Intl Financ & Monetary Policy
ECNO 414 Industrial Organization
ECNO 415 Environ & Resource Econ & Policy
ECNO 416 Corporate Finance
ECNO 417 The US Labor Market

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Educational Leadership

EDUL 101 Intern Ad & Occup Ed
EDUL 102 Applied Ldrshp Skill
EDUL 103 Educational Finance
EDUL 104 Adv Sem/Dist Intern
EDUL 105 Adv Sem/Phy Res Meth
EDUL 106 Intern Ed Admin
EDUL 107 Intro Ldrshp Concept
EDUL 108 Leadership/Practice
EDUL 109 Sr Sem/Leadership
EDUL 110 Is/Leadership Study
EDUL 201 Readings Adult Ed
EDUL 202 Intro To Adult Educ
EDUL 203 charac Of Adult Lrn
EDUL 204 Intro Comm Ed Dev
EDUL 205 Adv Meth Adult Tchg
EDUL 206 Prog Plan Adult Ed
EDUL 207 Educ Facility Plan
EDUL 208 Ldrshp Diverse Pop
EDUL 209 Educ Personnel Admin

Educational Psychology

EPSY 101 Educational Psychology
EPSY 101 Social Psychology
EPSY 101 Schools of Phil & Edu. Thoughts
EPSY 101 Evaluation & Measurement
EPSY 101 Application of Learning Theories
EPSY 101 Inferential Stats in English
EPSY 101 Theories & Methods of Teaching
EPSY 101 Theories of Development
EPSY 101 Research Methods
EPSY 101 Theories of Motivation earning your fake college diploma in Education
EPSY 101 Social Psychology of Education
EPSY 101 Social Psychology
EPSY 101 Descriptive Statistics
EPSY 101 Behavior Modification Methods
EPSY 101 Curriculum Development
EPSY 101 Applied Psychometry
EPSY 101 Learning Disorder

Electrical Constructions

ELCO 301 Power Supply Rectification
ELCO 302 Transformers
ELCO 303 Single Phase Motors
ELCO 304 Motor Starters & Control I
ELCO 305 Motor Starters & Control II
ELCO 308 Integrated Circuits/Amplifiers
ELCO 309 AC Gen/Three Phase Motors
ELCO 310 Communications I
ELCO 311 Communications II
ELCO 312 Computer Apps I
ELCO 401 Computer Apps II
ELCO 402 DC Theory
ELCO 403 Residential Wiring
ELCO 404 AC Theory
ELCO 405 Intro to Programmable pull of online degrees Lgc Ctrl
ELCO 406 Commercial and Indust Wiring
ELCO 407 Tools, Equipment & Code
ELCO 408 Work Experience - ELCI
ELCO 409 Blueprint Reading I
ELCO 410 Blueprint Reading II
ELCO 411 Intro to WHMIS
ELCO 412 Intro to NS Act

Electrical Engineering

ELEN 201 Circuits I
ELEN 202 Circuits II
ELEN 203 Circuits, Devices & Motors
ELEN 204 Intro. to Logic Circuits
ELEN 205 Logic Circuits Lab
ELEN 302 Signal & Sys. Analysis
ELEN 303 Electronics
ELEN 304 Introduction to Controls
ELEN 305 Electromagnetic Theory I
ELEN 306 Electromagnetic Theory II
ELEN 307 Industrial Electric & Electronic Systems
ELEN 308 Electric Power Applications
ELEN 309 Energy Conversion Devices
ELEN 310 Logic Design
ELEN 311 Microprocessor H/W and S/W
ELEN 312 EE Design I
ELEN 401 Intro. to Microfabrication
ELEN 402 Material Science
ELEN 403 Advanced Analog Electronics
ELEN 404 Electronic Inst. Design
ELEN 405 Intro. to VLSI Design
ELEN 406 Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ELEN 407 Acoustics & Audio Engineering
ELEN 408 Introduction to Modern Control
ELEN 409 Control Systems Lab
ELEN 410 Planar Microwave Circuit Design
ELEN 411 Telecommunications Systems
ELEN 412 Telecommunications Lab
ELEN 413 Mobile Wireless Comm.
ELEN 414 Power Electronics
ELEN 415 Electric Power Systems
ELEN 416 Real Time Microcontroller App.
ELEN 417 Computer Arc & System Org
ELEN 418 Advanced Embedded advantages of fake university certificates System Lab
ELEN 419 HW & SW for Embedded Systems
ELEN 420 Digital Signal Processing
ELEN 421 Special Topics
ELEN 422 Electro-Optical Systems
ELEN 423 Fiber & Optical Comm.
ELEN 424 Laser EnginELENring
ELEN 425 ELEN Design II
ELEN 426 Professionalism, Ethics, and SR
ENGR 427 FE Examination fake diploma and fake degree
ELEN 501 Advanced Analog Circuit Design
ELEN 502 MEMS Sensors and Actuators
ELEN 503 Adaptive Control
ELEN 504 System Identification
ELEN 505 Sequential State Estimation
ELEN 506 Controls & Signals
ELEN 507 Antenna Engineering
ELEN 508 Electromagnetics & Optics
ELEN 509 Adv. Communication Theory
ELEN 510 Adv. Telecommunications Systems
ELEN 511 Communications Systems
ELEN 512 Adv. Power Systems Analysis & Control
ELEN 513 Alternate Energy Distributed Gen. Sys.
ELEN 514 Advanced Power Electronics
ELEN 515 Advanced Topics - Electrical Power
ELEN 516 Advanced Computer Architecture
ELEN 517 Parallel & Associative Processors
ELEN 518 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ELEN 519 Speech Signal Processing
ELEN 520 Special Topics
ELEN 521 Fourier Optics and Imaging Theory
ELEN 522 Optical Design
ELEN 523 Remote Sensing System

Electronic Technology

ELTE 301 AC and DC circuit theory I
ELTE 302 Identifying Components I
ELTE 304 Working with PCB I
ELTE 305 Relays I
ELTE 306 Robots II
ELTE 307 Regulated Power Supplies I
ELTE 308 Tshooting Digital System I
ELTE 309 AC and DC Circuit Theory II
ELTE 310 Identifying Components II
ELTE 401 Working with PCB II
ELTE 402 Relays II
ELTE 403 Robots II
ELTE 404 Regulated Power Supplies II
ELTE 405 Tshooting Digital Systems II
ELTE 406 Television Tshooting Techniques
ELTE 407 Advanced Tshooting Techniques
ELTE 408 Understanding and Using the Oscilloscope
ELTE 409 Adv. Tshooting of Mod. Circuitry

Elementary Educations

ELED 101 Family Cent. Coll. in EC
ELED 102 Intervention & Special Ed.
ELED 103 Sem. in Early Childhood
ELED 104 Asst. of Young Children in Ed. Set.
ELED 106 Role of Content Areas in ECHE
ELED 107 Working with Fam. in Urban Set.
ELED 108 Family, Community and School Ptn.
ELED 201 Supporting Children's Learning
ELED 202 Preprimary Goals & Practices
ELED 203 Intro. Infant Mental Health Theory
ELED 204 Planning & Imp. Preschool Cur.
ELED 205 Children's Lit.for New & Pros. Teachers
ELED 207 Lan. Arts Instruction
ELED 208 Language Arts Curriculum
ELED 301 Reading Instruction
ELED 302 Reading Curriculum
ELED 303 Teaching Reading in ECHE
ELED 304 Mathematics Instruction
ELED 305 Science Curriculum
ELED 306 Social Studies Curriculum
ELED 307 Issues in ECHE associates diplomas
ELED 308 Educating E/M School Students in UC
ELED 309 Current Issues in EE


ENDO 321 Preclinical Endodontics
ENDO 331 Clinical Endodontic
ENDO 352 Endodontics Clinic I
ENDO 353 Endodontics Clinic II
ENDO 363 Endodontics Clinic IV
ENDO 600 Endodontic Techniques
ENDO 610 Adv. Clinical Endodontics
ENDO 611 Clinical App. of Endodontic Lit.
ENDO 612 Pain
ENDO 613 Drugs in Dentistry
ENDO 614 Pulpal Biology
ENDO 615 Review of Endodontic Literature
ENDO 617 American Board Review
ENDO 618 Pcpl of Teaching & Learning
ENDO 619 Endodontic Surgery
ENDO 620 Endodontics Clinic
ENDO 630 Clinical Con. in Endodontics
ENDO 698 Endodontic Research

Engineering Management

EMGT 101 Cost Mgmt. Systems
EMGT 102 Leadership & Org. Behavior
EMGT 103 Eng. Mgmt. Fundamentals
EMGT 104 Legal Process for Engineers
EMGT 105 Entrepreneurship
EMGT 106 Quality Mgmt.
EMGT 107 Managing the Design Process
EMGT 108 Project Eng.
EMGT 109 Eng. Law & Contracts
EMGT 201 Writing Winning Proposals
EMGT 202 Statistical Analysis
EMGT 203 Six Sigma Innovation
EMGT 204 Eng. Mgmt.
EMGT 205 Eng. Mgmt. I
EMGT 206 Eng. Mgmt. II
EMGT 207 Communications
EMGT 208 Problems in HR
EMGT 209 Finance & Business Policy
EMGT 301 Economics for Eng. Mgmt.
EMGT 302 Financial Mgmt. I
EMGT 303 Financial Mgmt. II
EMGT 304 Problems in Eng. Administration
EMGT 305 Quantitative Analysis
EMGT 306 Managerial Statistics I
EMGT 307 Managerial Statistics II
EMGT 308 Operations Research I
EMGT 309 Operations Research II
EMGT 401 Marketing for Engineers
EMGT 402 Engineering Law
EMGT 403 R&D Mgmt. I
EMGT 404 R&D Mgmt. II
EMGT 405 Six Sigma Quality Planning
EMGT 406 Project Mgmt. for Engineers
EMGT 407 QP for Engineers I
EMGT 408 QP for Engineers II
EMGT 409 Materials Mgmt. for Engineers
EMGT 410 Manufacturing Mgmt. for Engineers
EMGT 411 Safety, Health, & Env. for Engineers
EMGT 412 Systems in Eng. Mgmt.

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ENGL 101 Critical Re. & Expository Wr.
ENGL 102 Writing Skills Workshop
ENGL 103 WS. for Multilingual Speakers
ENGL 104 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 105 Greek and Roman Mythology
ENGL 106 Intr. to Prose Comp.
ENGL 107 Academic WS for Multilingual Writers of Eng.
ENGL 108 Survey of African American Lit.
ENGL 109 World Roots online college diploma programs of Lit.
ENGL 110 Beginning Fiction
ENGL 111 Poetry I
ENGL 112 Beginning Fiction Young Adults
ENGL 113 Theme and Genre Courses
ENGL 114 Survey of American Lit. I
ENGL 115 Survey of American Lit. II
ENGL 116 Survey of British Lit. I
ENGL 117 Survey of British Lit. II
ENGL 118 Journalism I
ENGL 119 Journalism II
ENGL 120 The Bible as Literature
ENGL 121 Dev. English Language
ENGL 122 Advanced Composition
ENGL 123 Medieval & Renaissance Romance
ENGL 124 The Craft of the YA Novel
ENGL 125 Shakespeare
ENGL 201 20th Century African American Lit.
ENGL 202 Contemporary "Exp." Poetry
ENGL 203 English Renaissance Poetry
ENGL 204 18th-Century Poetry and Prose
ENGL 205 18th Century English Novel
ENGL 206 Survey of 19th Century AA Lit.
ENGL 207 Adv. Fic. for Children and YA
ENGL 208 Contemporary Fiction by Women
ENGL 209 Feature Writing
ENGL 210 Writing for Magazines
ENGL 211 Modern Drama
ENGL 212 Am. Lit. Romanticism
ENGL 213 Modern American Fiction
ENGL 214 Am. Lit. from 1865 to 1920
ENGL 215 Modern American Poetry
ENGL 216 Adv. Crtv. Nonfiction
ENGL 217 Advanced Fiction
ENGL 218 Poetry II fake ged diplomas
ENGL 219 Social Action & Academic Essays
ENGL 223 English Romantic Poetry
ENGL 224 The Victorian Period
ENGL 225 Literature and Culture
ENGL 301 The British Novel
ENGL 303 The 19th-Cen. British Novel
ENGL 305 Senior Seminar
ENGL 306 Dev. of the English Language
ENGL 307 Advanced Composition
ENGL 308 The Craft of Fiction
ENGL 309 The Craft of Poetry
ENGL 310 The Age of Chaucer
ENGL 311 Medieval and Ren. Rom.
ENGL 313 Shakespeare II

English Literature

ELIT 215 Shakespeare I
ELIT 301 Earlier 18th Cen. Novel
ELIT 303 Rest. & 18th Cen. Literature II
ELIT 304 Later 18th-Century Novel
ELIT 306 Medieval & Tudor Drama
ELIT 307 Renaissance English Lit. II
ELIT 308 English Renaissance Drama I
ELIT 309 Jacobean Theatre History
ELIT 315 Shakespeare II
ELIT 316 Milton
ELIT 342 Intro to Old English
ELIT 347 Homer, Virgil, Ovid
ELIT 348 Arthurian Legends
ELIT 349 English Lit. & Folklore 1
ELIT 354 Sexuality and Representation
ELIT 356 Middle English
ELIT 357 Chaucer
ELIT 371 History of the Theatre 2
ELIT 403 Samuel Johnson
ELIT 416 Shakespeare III
ELIT 431 David Garrick
ELIT 447 Adventures of Hercules
ELIT 452 Old English
ELIT 456 Middle English I
ELIT 500 Middle English II
ELIT 501 Elizabethan Ovidianism
ELIT 503 Eighteenth Century
ELIT 545 Shakespearean Publics
ELIT 566 Eighteenth-Century Shakespeare


ENTO 110 Insect Biology
ENTO 300 General Entomology
ENTO 310 Insect Pests of Field Crops
ENTO 320 Horticultural Entomology
ENTO 340 Livestock Entomology
ENTO 360 Genetics
ENTO 399 Field /Comm. based Edu.
ENTO 402 Forest Entomology
ENTO 460 Intro. to Molecular Genetics
ENTO 461 Intro. to Population Genetics
ENTO 530 Integrated Pest Mgmt.
ENTO 550 Spider Ecology & Behavior
ENTO 561 Insects Affecting Human & Animal Health
ENTO 563 Parasitology
ENTO 564 Insect Taxonomy
ENTO 567 Applications of Genetics ENTO 568 Insect Behavior
ENTO 574 Adv. Applied Entomology
ENTO 605 Ecology & Evolution
ENTO 606 Conceptual Methods in E & E
ENTO 607 Advanced Evolution
ENTO 608 Behavioral Ecology & Life Histories
ENTO 609 Population and Community Ecology
ENTO 625 Insect-Plant Relationships
ENTO 635 Insect Phy. & Int. Morphology
ENTO 660 Immature Insects
ENTO 665 Insect Ecology
ENTO 680 Biological Control
ENTO 684 Phylogenetic Systematics
ENTO 695 Entomology

Environmental Studies

ENVS 101 Earth History
ENVS 102 Biological Conservation
ENVS 103 The Science of Agriculture
ENVS 104 Environmental Geology
ENVS 105 HI with Marine Invertebrates
ENVS 106 Energy & Environment
ENVS 107 Geography of the Physical Env.
ENVS 108 Oceanography
ENVS 109 Maritime His. & Sci. in the Pacific NW
ENVS 110 Tropical Eco. & Sustainability
ENVS 111 Maps & GIS
ENVS 112 App. Physics with Env. Apps.
ENVS 113 Biogeography
ENVS 201 Water Q. Concepts & Watershed Stu.
ENVS 202 Soils & Env. Applications
ENVS 203 Geomorphology & Soils
ENVS 204 The Atmosphere & Air Pollution
ENVS 205 Pollution & Public Policy
ENVS 206 Research at SEA
ENVS 207 Intro. to Restoration Ecology
ENVS 208 Environmental Microbiology
ENVS 209 History & Ecology of Bio. Invasions
ENVS 210 Marine Plankton
ENVS 211 Field Geology
ENVS 212 Evolution
ENVS 213 Water Resources & Pollution
ENVS 301 Pollutant Fate & Transport
ENVS 302 Biology, History & Politics of Salmon in the PNW
ENVS 303 Limnology fake college degrees
ENVS 304 Marine Invertebrates
ENVS 305 Environmental Entomology
ENVS 306 Marine Ecology
ENVS 307 Plants, Insects and their Interactions
ENVS 308 Restoration Eco. Capstone I
ENVS 309 Restoration Eco. Capstone II
ENVS 310 Restoration Eco. Capstone III
ENVS 311 Environmental Law
ENVS 312 Environmental Policy App. & Compliance

Exercise Science

EXSC 101 Adv. Ins. Strat. for Phys. Education
EXSC 102 Exe. Science & Rehabilitation
EXSC 103 Exe. Pres. for Special Populations
EXSC 104 Advances in Cardiology
EXSC 105 Electrocardiography
EXSC 106 Biomechanics
EXSC 107 Prevention, Recog., & Care of Injuiries
EXSC 108 Int. in Exe. Science & Sports Med.
EXSC 109 Cardiopulmonary Rehab.
EXSC 201 Nutrition & Exercise
EXSC 202 Psychosocial Aspects of Phys. Ed
EXSC 203 Athletics in Education & Soci.
EXSC 204 Sociology of Sport
EXSC 205 Sport Psychology
EXSC 206 Administration of Athletics
EXSC 207 Supervision in Phys. Ed.
EXSC 208 Phys. Ed. Curriculum in SS
EXSC 209 Motor Learning & Human Perf.
EXSC 301 Adv. Physiology of Exe.
EXSC 302 Psychology of Phys. Act.
EXSC 303 Recreation Administration
EXSC 304 Facilities and Equipment
EXSC 305 Physical Education and Athletics
EXSC 306 Sports Management
EXSC 307 Principles of Sports Mgmt.
EXSC 308 Apps. of Exercise & Fitness Theory
EXSC 309 Sport & the Law

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