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Every product and every item purchased from Fake Diploma Center (www.nd-center.com) is designed to be a novelty item. These products are not intended to be used, in any way, for any unlawful purpose.

You, the customer, accept complete and total responsibility for the use of these novelty items.

You accept and agree that any documents provided by us are to be used only as novelty items. Any other use constitutes fraud and we won’t be responsible. Should you choose to use these novelty items in a fraudulent manner, you agree to be solely accountable for those actions.

Misuse of our products is defined as utilizing a novelty item created by us, and purchased from us that results in distortion, misrepresentation, fraud, abuse, embezzlement, misappropriation, or any other illegal act. We at Fake Diploma Center highly condemn this type of use of any of our novelty products. You agree that we won’t be liable for any illegal acts perpetrated by any buyer of our novelty items and can’t be held accountable for their misuse. The use of any of our novelty items lies exclusively with the purchaser.

Any misuse of any novelty product purchased by you is solely your responsibility. We (including all of our employees), at www.nd-center.com, hold no responsibility, nor will we be held accountable in any legal proceedings that may develop as a result of the illegal use by any person of any item produced and sold by our company.

We, at Fake Diploma Center want to clearly stress that we are a strictly independent third-party business providing novelty items for purchase by the general public. We are not associated with any school, college, university, religious group, or military organization.

You acknowledge that you understand that our novelty diplomas, degrees, or transcripts are not authentic and are not official documents from any high school, university, or other educational institute. These novelty items are intended to be used only as jokes, gag gifts, theatre presentations, or video productions. We, at Fake Diploma Center, strongly condemn and fervently disapprove of the use of these novelty items for any other purpose.

We retain the ability to deny delivery of any order should it be discovered that you did, indeed, complete your education at the institution from which you have requested a novelty diploma, degree, or transcript. This applies to all educational institutions, including, but not limited to, high schools, colleges, and universities. You verify that you have not actually graduated from the educational institution for which you have requested a novelty item.

We strongly advise you to confirm federal, state, and local laws prior to placing your order.

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You understand and agree that all novelty items are provided with no warranty of merchantability for any particular function or non-infringement. We, at Fake Diploma Center, won’t be responsible for any damage or loss experienced by the purchaser of our novelty items.

Upon delivery of your order, you agree to not modify or deface the novelty documents in any way. You agree that you recognize, respect and acknowledge the manufacturer’s copyrights.

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These are legally binding conditions and terms. When ordering with www.nd-center.com, you are acknowledging that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to follow them. We absolutely forbid the use of any of our novelty items in any unlawful activities. So don’t forget to consider the disclaimer for fake degree thoroughly before you go ahead and place the order.