How to Display Graduation Day Keepsakes

Fake Diploma Frames

Before you can accomplish anything in your life, you first must learn the basics of whatever it is you choose to do. You can then build upon that knowledge to create the life you desire. This is why most people continue their educations at universities and colleges. They work hard and make numerous sacrifices over the duration of their studies. The final result of all the work and sacrifice is a qualification certificate, or diploma, proving their accomplishment, which they can show off with pride. This will, of course, greatly assist them in obtaining the career they desire while building a successful life for yourself.

Obviously, graduation day is one of the most important days in the life of a person. It marks the transition to a new stage in your life from another. Unfortunately, graduation day won’t last forever. However, the memories created that day can be easily kept alive through photographs and keepsakes. Each time you view these items, you will be reminded of the work, sacrifice, and most importantly, you will be reminded of your achievement. Fake frames remain an ideal way to display those graduation day mementos and to prevent them from being damaged.

Fake Diploma Photos

Frames & Covers

Fake diploma photo frames could be considered as a modern day version of photo frames; basically, it’s a container to which a picture (or in this case, a document) is added. These frames make it easy to display, protect, or even to enhance your photos or documents. Just about any variety of materials can be used to make fake diploma frames; however, the most commonly used is either hard or soft wood. Other frequently preferred substances include polystyrene and aluminum. Frames can be any color, texture, or size. In older frame styles, a common embellishment is “gilding” or “gold leaf.” Gilding is the process of applying a thin coating of gold, or simulated gold, to the surface of an item. This can actually be accomplished with any other metal, as well.

Fake picture frames contain a glass or Plexiglas (a plastic substitute for glass) in the frame front. This helps to protect the contents encased in the frame. This protection greatly reduces the amount of potential damage by practically eliminating dust and insects that may harm the picture or college diploma held inside the frame. In addition, it has the added benefit of making the photo or fake degree more easily displayed. The very best thing, however, about the fake diploma frames is that, in addition to hanging on a wall, they can serve as standing frames to display on a flat surface, like a mantelpiece or coffee table.

In addition to keeping diplomas protected in frames, there are additional options to consider. Some of these options might actually be better than placing the diplomas in a frame. One of these items is a diploma cover. These are particularly good if you will often be moving your certificate from one place to another.

Fake Diploma Multiple Frames

Share Your Memories

Besides framing your fake certificates and pictures, you might want to consider keeping your diploma tassels or invitation as framed keepsakes, as well. We highly recommend our Graduate Portfolio Keepsake Album, which is perfect for these purposes. This album is heavily padded with lots of space available to display your top-fold or side-fold fake diploma graduation invitation, your 5X7-inch photograph (or a number of wallet-sized photos), and your tassel. The portfolio cover is padded and it has an embossed design. A nameplate, in brass, can also be added to the album for personalization purposes.

The above listed items will, most likely, not be the only physical reminders that you will collect on your graduation day. The diploma gowns and caps would also be considered memorabilia and you’ll probably want to keep them long into the future. The need to wear them again, may arise. Sometimes, special events, especially those organized by educational institutes, require that you wear these items. If you’re awarded one, a diploma medallion would also be considered a keepsake that you would want to hold onto for sentimental purposes.

You will find numerous online websites where they will offer to create college degrees; however, most of these sites produce a very low quality document that wouldn’t even pass the most cursory inspection. Explore the various sites to get more diploma ideas before you make a final decision. You will also want to make sure to make use of and prepare a fake GED prior to making any purchase.