A Valuable Memento in the Form of a Diploma Decorative Medallion

Fake Diploma Decorative Medallions

Graduating from a college or a university and getting a academic qualification is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is a moment that defines how the rest of the person’s life is going to be. It’s the key to their future. An event of this caliber should be remembered for the rest of the life and a memento of the event is of sentimental value, not easily replaced. What better memento to give a graduate during a graduation ceremony than a fake diploma decorative medallion.

Fake Diploma Small Decorative Medallions

Historical Orders

The history of the modern orders can be traced back to the medieval orders of chivalry. During the time of the renaissance, a lot of European royalty acquired an existing order of chivalry, or their own. Several highest honorary orders used today were created during this era. There include, Order of the Golden Fleece, England's Order of the Garter, Denmark's Order of the Elephant and Scotland's Order of the Thistle. They are awarded usually for one-off actions, such as an act of bravery, or some sort of gallant service. The traditional way to wear them is on the left side suspended by a ribbon.

The most junior of all awards is the medal or medallion. These are usually shaped in a circle, similar to a coin. This is usually awarded for participation in a particular organization. However these may be given for one-off actions of some kind. So this makes the boundaries between medals and decorations a bit blurry. Medallions are also worn with a ribbon on the left chest.

The most common used of medals are as prizes in competitive event. This is certainly the case when it comes to sports and athletic competitions, but excellence in academics is also recognized by presenting medallions. Traditional medallions for these are made of the following three metals, Gold, for first prize, Silver for second prize and Bronze for the third prize. There is a purpose for choosing these metals. They are representing the first three ages of man according to Greek mythology. Gold medallions represents the Golden age, when men lived among the gods. The Silver medallion represents the Silver age, where youth lasted a hundred years and the Bronze medallion represents the Bronze Age, the age of the heroes.

Medallions to Honor Accomplishments

Medallions are given to people as recognition for some achievement they have achieved. So why not give graduating student fake diploma medallions in recognition of their achievements. After all they worked hard and sacrificed a lot to succeed. Those who achieve honors should be awarded with diploma honor graduate medallions. Becoming the valedictorian of a graduating class is not an easy thing to do. The student selected must be someone who has gone beyond the normal work and surpassed all other students in a class. They should be honored with fake diploma valedictorian medallions. After all, graduation is a special moment in life that should be remembered a long time. A memento like a diploma decorative medallion will be a fond reminder of that special day.

Fake diploma decorative medallions are part of the fake diploma caps and gowns, just like diploma tassels are used. They make the regalia more impressive to others. Graduation day should not be celebrated alone. Invite all your friends and family with fake diploma graduation invitations. After all the partying is over you will want to proudly display you certificate in your home or office and fake diploma frames are just the thing of it. Or if you want to take the certificate anywhere the best way to protect it against damage is to put it inside a diploma cover.

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