GED checklist: Is a fake GED for you?

In the past, the only real option for people who had never completed their high school educations and wanted to improve their records, whether for their own self-esteem or for career advancement, was the General Equivalency Diploma, or GED diplomas. Today, however, it is possible to attend a virtual high school online regardless of age. Also, today's high school students who are considering dropping out can attend alternative programs as well as exploring their online options. A GED is a diploma that is awarded upon successful completion of a series of five aptitude tests, covering basic knowledge in the areas of language arts, math, social studies, science and writing.

Does a GED suit you?

Yes, a GED is for me if ... I have no desire to go back to school. I don't like taking classes and sitting in a classroom. I don't mind taking tests and I like the idea of getting it over with quickly. I don't want to be reminded of high school. Life threw me some curve balls and I have moved on. I don't want to study the same materials I studied in high school and to have to wait to complete some courses before I find out if I have passed. I like the idea that if I don't pass some of the GED tests, I only have to re-take the ones I missed, and I can take them up to three times in one year.

I know that the job in which I am interested only requires a fake GED; or, I know that the college I am considering going to will accept a GED for admission. I don't want to take the time to take high school courses; I like the idea that seven hours of testing might be all that is needed for me to order and move on with my life.

No, a GED might not be for me if ... I had to drop out of high school, but I'm still young enough to go to public school and I don't want to miss the experience. I want to have friends, eat lunch in the cafeteria, have teachers who are interested in me, and perhaps even go to the prom.

I'm thinking of dropping out of high school because it's too much of a hassle or I have family financial problems. But maybe I can finish up and get a real high school diploma by taking courses online. That would let me work and have a flexible schedule. I have a computer at home and a place to work, and I'm a good visual learner. I would rather get my high school diploma if only I didn't have to go to school every day.

I really want to go to college and I'm not sure that the colleges in which I am interested will accept a fake GED checklist. I know that some colleges have fake degrees, and many community colleges, will accept a GED, but I don't want to limit my options. Also, if I only get a GED, the college might require me to take make-up courses for no credit, and perhaps if I finish up and get my high school diploma from a virtual high school, I can take the courses I need to start college with a clean slate.