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Economics and Business Accounting Sample

Fall 2007
Mgmt 408 Financial Markets A
Mgmt 411a Marketing I A
Mgmt 403 Financial Accounting B
Mgmt 402 Data & Decisions C
Mgmt 405 Managerial Economics A

Winter 2007
Mgmt 430 Corporate Finance A
Mgmt 411b Marketing Ii A
Mgmt 410 Operations beware of fake colleges Tech Manage C
Mgmt 285b Managerial Interpersonal Communication B

Spring 2008
Mgmt 420 Business Strategy A
Mgmt 409 Managing & Leading Org B
Mgmt 222 Management Accounting B
Mgmt 228 Financial Statement Analysis A

Fall 2008
Mgmt 228 Financial Statement Analysis A
Mgmt 240 Supply Chain university degree C
Mgmt 285a Leadership, Motivation, Power A
Mgmt 215 Negotiations Analysis B

Winter 2008
Mgmt 444a Applied Management Research A
Mgmt 297b International Bu Strategy B
Mgmt 298d General Management C
Mgmt 298a Advanced Strategy A

Spring 2009
Mgmt 444b Applied Management Research A
Mgmt 298b Technology Strategy A
Mgmt 407 Managerial Model Build B

Summer 2009
Mgmt 220 Corporate Financial Report A
Mgmt 298c Great Ideas In Management B

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Business and Management Degree List

Fall 2005
Cas Ma120 Applied Math 4.0 A- 14.8
Cas Ph210 Great Philosophy 4.0 B 12.0
Cas Wr100 Writing Seminar 4.0 B- 10.8
Smg Sm121 Mgmt as A Systems 6.0 B- 16.2

Spring 2006
Cas As101 The Solar System 4.0 B 12.0
Cas Ec102 Intro Macro replica degrees 4.0 B 12.0
Cas Wr150 Writing & Research Seminar 4.0 A- 14.8
Pdp Aq101 Beginning, Swim 1.0 P 00.0 buy replica diploma
Smg Sm122 Mgmt as Systems 2 6.0 B- 16.2

Fall 2006
Cas An102 Human Evolution 4.0 B- 10.8
Pdp Da111 Ballroom, Beg 0.5 P 00.0
Smg Ac221 Financial Acct 4.0 A- 14.8
Smg La245 Intro to fake college degree market Law 4.0 B+ 13.2
Smg Sm221 Problems/Stat Variation 6.0 B 18.0

Spring 2007
Cas Ps101 Gen Psychology 4.0 B+ 13.2
Smg Ac222 Managerial Accounting 4.0 B 12.0
Smg Ob221 Dynamic Leading Orgs 4.0 B- 10.8
Smg Sm222 Module Business Marketing 6.0 A- 22.2
Smg Sm411 Charting Career 0.5 P 00.0

Fall 2007
Pdp Wf101 Sailing, Beg 1.0 P 00.0
Smg La355 Employment Law 4.0 B 12.0
Smg La346 Law and Ethics 4.0 B 12.0
Smg La349 Law Of Internet 4.0 B+ 13.2
Smg La450 Advance Bus Law 4.0 A- 14.8

Spring 2008
Smg Fe323 Financial Mgmt 4.0 B- 10.8
Smg Is323 Mgmt Info Sys 4.0 B- 10.8
Smg Mk323 Marketing Mgmt 4.0 B 12.0
Smg Om323 Operation & Technical Management 4.0 B 12.0

Fall 2008
Cas Po315 Judicial Process 4.0 B+ 13.2
Smg Mg422 Strategy about college degrees Policy 4.0 B+ 13.2
Smg Mg444 Entrepreneur 4.0 B 12.0
Smg Mg445 Small Bus Mgmt 4.0 A- 14.8

Spring 2009
Cas Ir573 Intl Law spotting college degrees 4.0 B 12.0
Cas Ls111 First Semester Span 4.0 B 12.0
Cas Ps222 Psyche Of Percept 4.0 B+ 13.2
Cas Ps251 P Psyche Of Personal 4.0 B 12.0