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Anyone who takes their phony diplomas seriously, the chance to get a fake college transcript is greatly appreciated. A transcript is basically a record of the classes taken and grades earned that led to the fake high school degree. Every person with a real diploma has the transcript to back it up. Most collectors delight in being able to make their diplomas as real as possible. If only for their own satisfaction or to pull one over on friends, transcripts make fake diplomas more believable. There are some things a person should know to get fake college transcript that looks as real as purchasing college degree.

The first piece of advice for anyone looking into fake transcripts is to buy the transcript from the same vendor where the diploma was purchased. This is important due to the copyright of college seals. Each vendor designs their own unique seal since they cannot use the real college seal. This means that each vendor’s seal is one of a kind. To really fool anyone the seal on the fake diplomas and transcript should match the fake degree certificate. The only way to ensure this is to buy them both from the same vendor. Some collectors buy both at the same time to avoid the hassle of finding the same vendor again, especially in cases of rare diplomas.

The second good piece of advice to follow is about the designing of the transcript. When custom designing a transcript there needs to be some research. A person should make sure the transcript has the correct classes. The vendor will most likely have generic transcripts with classes that are supposed to be taken for each degree, but for someone wanted true authenticity it is important just to have a list of actual classes but as always buying degree possible. Another consideration is the grades earned. Rarely does anyone make it through college with a straight A record, so be realistic. At the same time it’s also not realistic that a person would make it through with lower than average grades either. So be realistic but don’t sell yourself short.

Once a person has their degrees and diploma they may choose to display both or display the diploma and use the transcripts to ’prove’ the diploma is real. It is really up to the collector. The trouble it takes to get realistic transcripts may persuade the collector to display it anyway, despite their intentions to fool others.

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