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University of Iowa

University of Iowa Diploma

Considered to be a Public Ivy, the University of Iowa was founded in the year 1847. Organized into 11 colleges with more than 200 different courses to study on, this University is the oldest one in the state. Spread over an area of 1,700 acres, the university is credited with being the actual developer of the “Master of Fine Arts” degree. The university also conducts the world famous Iowa Writers’ Workshop. It is also associated with different research centers and has a research budget of $3.513 billion for the year 2015. The alumni network of the university exceeds 250,000 members.
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University of South Florida

University of South Florida Diploma

Set up in the year 1956, the University of South Florida has more than 47,646 students in the session of 2012-2013. This university comprises of 14 colleges and offers 80 undergraduate majors, 130 graduates, doctoral and specialist programs. A leading university in the field of online education, it offers graduate level online programs in the field of education, information studies, criminology, library and public health. A co-educational institute, thousands of students enroll for research work. The university has an annual research budget of $1.5 billion. Many of its students are well placed in different industries and sectors across the globe.
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University of Western Sydney

University of Western Sydney Transcript

A multi campus university, the University of Western Sydney ranks in the top 400 universities in the world as per the 2014QS World University Rankings. It has campuses all across Australia and offers degrees on undergraduate, postgraduate and higher research subjects. This university has recently opened a medical school as well. As far as research is concerned, it has received a $40 million grant for researching the climatic changes and its effects.In the year 2014, the university was in the list of under 50 years old universities in the world. It ranked 87th out of the 100 universities listed.
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Indiana University

Indiana University Diploma

A multi campus public university, the Indiana University has about 110,000 students strength of which 43,000 students are part of the Bloomington campus while the rest are part of the Indiana university. The University confers three different types of medals or awards. The first one, titled the University Medal is awarded to individuals for their important contributions in science, arts, law. The second one is the President’s medal that is awarded for distinction in carrying out public services. And finally the third one is Mural Medallion for research work. Every year these awards are given to individuals who really deserve it.
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University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Diploma

Established in the year 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a co-educational institute that has more than 30,000 students. With more than 3000 faculty and staff members, this institute confers degrees on 152 baccalaureate programs, masters degree on 60 subjects, doctorate programs on 70 subjects and 20 more degrees on professional subjects. This university has the reputation of being in the top position of several surveys and measures conducted in the State. Many of its students are well placed in different industries and sectors across the globe. It is also associated with different research work.
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