Online fake universities

There are many kinds of online educational programs. Not all of them are degree programs. Individuals can find courses for their own enjoyment, for fulfilling their career goals and just about anything else that they desire. There are various reasons why students enroll in online classes. There is no commuting involved. Online courses allow the individual to work at his own pace with greater flexibility than a traditional school would and in many cases they are cheaper than a traditional school. But there are many online university degrees and scams that the prospective student should be aware of.

The fake universities and colleges are called degree mills. They basically sell fake diplomas because they don't provide the education required to earn the degree. The provision of degrees is a big business. There are more than thirty phony online universities selling bogus degrees in the United States and Canada. There is no such thing as an unaccredited university which is why these phony schools can award fake college degrees on an overnight basis.

What are the warning signs of a bogus program? Basically, there are ten of them. The website of the Canadian or U.S. school may look prestigious and flashy, but doesn't state anywhere that is a online accredited fake degree. This is a warning sign as all accredited schools will state that they are accredited and by whom. Admission to a fake diploma program requires only a credit card. It is not based on any academic records or achievements of the individual. Another warning sign is when the degree is based on the individuals resume. These are the schools that offer degrees based on life experience. Some legitimate schools will offer credits for certain kinds of career experiences but none will allow a degree based on life experience degree. Carefully check the accreditation of the online entity offering degrees based on life experiences and you'll find that they are fake. These degree mills offer degrees that are worthless. Be very careful about the service provider from whom you are purchasing your documents after all you don't wish to end up with a fake Queens College Transcript.

The nature of online university degree programs

Be wary of online sites that promise a degree within thirty days of application. There are usually no classes or tests involved in these situations. Other online sites may offer a degree for a specified cost with higher costs associated with higher level bogus fake college degrees. This isn't the way legitimate universities charge for courses unlike what you get with online fake universities. They usually charge by the hour or by the credit. The prospective student should also check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints involving the online institution that he/she is considering or else you might find yourself purchasing unaccredited counterfeit degrees.

The prospective student should also be wary if he/she is told that the online school cant be accredited by CHEA or any legitimate agency. This is telling him right away what the online school is issuing fake law degree. Also, checking the faculty listing for what colleges they have attended is also an indicator of the legitimacy of the online site. A final warning sign is when the college is located in a foreign country and offers degrees to anyone. There is no accrediting for that kind of college that provides bogus degree. Before enrolling in an online school, always check the accrediting. The prospective student wants to avoid the worthless paper provided by the online degree.