Authentic fake transcripts

Transcripts are the official records of a students academic work. They tell the story of what the student did in school in terms of dates of attendance, courses attempted or completed, grades earned, GPA and whether or not the student graduated and when. Fake transcripts exist for any kind of academic work the student attempted at any level of education and many times the individual will have to supply either official transcripts or copies to a prospective employer to prove his/her academic achievements.

In the case of high school, which the individual attends for grades 9 through 12, the transcripts will show the grades for each course. Courses which were taken under the Pass/Fail option will show a grade of "P" or "F". The date of graduation and the name of the school are also indicated. If the individual decides to attend college, a new set of transcripts will begin showing the individuals progress towards a degree. This may be an Associates or two year degree or a four year fake university college. Students who attend a two year college and then go on for a Bachelor degree from a four year college will find that their authentic fake transcripts will provide a complete record of their four years of work, including what courses were attempted or completed and at which school.

Life experience and real looking transcripts

Individuals who go on to graduate school, begin another set of transcripts showing their graduate work. This can be for a Masters degree or a Doctorate which represent and additional two to four years of work. These also indicate the courses attempted or completed, grades, GPA, date of graduation and the degree awarded through a life experience fake degree. Transcripts provide a record of all of the work the individual has accomplished in the academic world. People require the degree and transcripts for their success in employment. Today, there are many places on the Internet that see fake diplomas and fake transcripts, from high school through graduate and professional affordable online fake college degrees. These fake documents look just as impressive as the genuine documents from a legitimate school do. They are made on the same paper with the same style of printing. They may have the same watermarks and embossing as the genuine documents do. These authentic novelty degrees contain all of the relevant information about the student and his/her so-called accomplishments. The only thing is that there are no official records at the educational institution because the individual never attended the institution.

When the individual purchases phony transcripts and fake diploma valedictorian medallions, he/she can specify the name of the school, the degree, the GPA and dates and the Internet business will make the transcripts according to the specifications of the purchases. They will look and feel just like the genuine documents, but there are no school records to back them up. The existence of the Internet makes it very easy. One way of identifying the fake online institutions, is that, they send bulk of mails to people via internet asking them to enroll for the courses. And none of the reliable, reputed online institutions do send mails to anyone unless people do enquire about the courses. Once you request for more information they will send you mails to the e-mail address given.