Accrediting online fake colleges

Since the advent of the internet, there are many kinds of new universities and accrediting online fake colleges. They have no specific geographic center since they only exist online. Their education is provided totally online, with lectures, discussions and assignments. These kinds of schools are easier and more convenient for the student because they don't involve the time and cost for four years at a traditional land-based school and not fake university diplomas. The problem is that some of them are scams and the individual should take the time to check the accrediting of the institution before enrolling.

When a school is accredited, it means that its programs meet certain standards. The school and the programs have been reviewed and certified. They can award legitimate academic degrees. This isn't true of the institutions that aren't accredited create fake diploma that looks real. They can make whatever claims they want, but they will never award a legitimate decree. They don't provide the high quality education and curriculum that an accredited school does. Accrediting must come from the proper accrediting agencies. If so-called accrediting is from any other source, it doesn't mean anything and just issue phony diplomas. Some bogus entities are the IAAOU (International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities), Board of Online Universities (BOUA), World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEA), and UCOEA (Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation). There is no properly accepted accrediting agency that contains the word online.

Legitimate schools and their bogus versions

The schools that claim accrediting by any of these entities are not legitimate schools and do not offer the same quality education as legitimate schools do. The individual will obtain a poor quality education from these schools, if any. They are basically selling an authentic fake diploma and in many cases, it is illegal to say you have a degree if it is from any of these schools. Colleges and universities in the United States are not considered to be validly accredited unless the accrediting is from an organization that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), or both. The list of valid accrediting people is given on their website all others will just issue fake university documents.

There is a certain amount of value in online universities. In many cases they are not as well-respected as land-based schools but they allow the individual to earn an authentic fake degree more quickly with less disruption to their life. Online programs are designed for the working adult or others. Always check the accrediting of an online institution. If they aren't accredited by the CHEA or USDE, then don't consider the school. Only schools accredited by the CHEA or USDE are authentic.