Fake degree diploma mills

Since the mid-1980s there has been a proliferation in the number of entities peddling fake college degrees and online fake high school diplomas. There wasn't much of this before this time because the internet wasn't as well developed as it is now. The internet revolutionized business practices and changed the way of life for many people, including students. Phony colleges and phony degrees are not a new business. There have been entities selling fake degrees for many years. The demand for phony diplomas has existed for as long as higher education has existed. The internet and the advent of e-business has made it easier for fake degree diploma mills to operate and makes it easier for those with the supply of phony degrees to find those with the demand for degrees.

These diploma mills victimize the people looking to gain an edge in the job market in the easiest way possible. The only way to secure a competitive edge in the job market is through education. Individuals always want to move on to the next level, i.e., people with the associate fake college degree want to obtain a Bachelors degree, people with a Bachelors degree want to obtain a Masters degree, and so on. The easier it is to obtain the degree and the cheaper it is, the more appealing the program is to some people. These are the people who can be easily convinced that they can be given a degree based on their life experiences. They pay for the credit they receive for their life experiences. The above description fits the modern day diploma mills. They have perfected a model that works and results in them receiving over half a million dollars in year from desperate victims. They peddle a message that is appealing to many people who just want to obtain the degree in the easiest way. They are willing to pay for it.

Beware do your research before you enroll in a college

From the appearance of their internet sites, these diploma mills present themselves in a way that makes the consumer think they are as respectable and solid as the brick and mortar establishments. The consumer should spend some time investigating them. Many of them are not true educational institutions. They are businesses located in places like Liberia and the Middle East that are peddling fake diplomas. Some of them are businesses located within the United States in Wyoming, Mississippi and Alabama where the fraud laws are very liberal. The existence of these low quality institutions has attracted the attention of other states. Individuals can check a list of unaccredited colleges at the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization. These institutions prey on unsuspecting consumers in states where the laws are so flimsy that very low quality educational fake university degree institutions can exist.

If you are allowed to do an accredited online degree at an American University then you can apply for scholarships and other financial support. Studying online never convey that you are not no legitimate student of the particular college. It’s your right to investigate and find out the grants and other financial aids available to you. Most colleges and universities have an ‘online application’ procedure for student grants and financial assistance. Therefore, you are not required to be present at the campus to apply for support under these student support programs.