How Real Do Fake Documents Look?

One of the most major concerns buyers of fake documents worry about is whether or not their documents will actually look real. How real a fake diploma looks, for example, will depend entirely on what company you buy from and how professional they are. When you buy from a professional company, you will get a professionally designed diploma, made with the best fake diploma templates, so that the finished product looks authentic. Even if you are buying fake diplomas or transcripts that you do not intend to use in place of a real one, you still want the document to look real, as it makes the piece, no matter what its use, more valuable.

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How real do fake documents look? A large part of creating authentic looking fake documents is picking the right fonts, the right seals, and the right paper. When you buy from us, you are getting a document that has the very best design, so it looks as authentic as possible for you.


Font is one of the biggest factors in determine just how real fake documents look. The wrong font can ruin what was otherwise a great design. Most schools, especially those that have been in operation for a long time, will use a font that includes plenty of flourishes. This is what most people expect to see when they see a diploma and is what is most often offered on fake diploma templates. Fonts, however, are not the only factor when it comes to determining how real your fake document will look for instance how to spot a fake document

Seals and Signatures

Every fake diploma should have seals, which represent the institute the document supposedly has been issued by, and signatures, signed by the university or college’s administration. Often, the seals will be real wax or even metallic printing. Sometimes, however, schools use matte printed seals that can be very easily replicated using fake diploma templates.


Paper is the third and least important factor. If you are going to be handing your diploma around and letting people hold and touch it, the weight and texture of the paper will be very important. If you are going to put it in a frame and hang it on your wall, the weight of the paper is less important.