A Fake Degree Works Just as Well

Most of us have topics of interest that we are pretty knowledgeable about. The problem often lies in getting others to take our opinion seriously. For some reason, it's almost impossible to get anyone to take your professional opinion seriously, unless you have a degree on the subject at hand. A degree can be a fun way to get hard headed people to take your opinion seriously for once.

If you have someone who is constantly putting your ideas down, you can have some good fun with them by getting a fake college degree. Chances are, sooner or later that you'll have a disagreement with this person and they will not want to listen to your side of the debate. The set up for this would be to get your fake diploma and have it displayed somewhere at your desk or in your office. When the next disagreement happens, invite that person to your office and state your side of the case. End the argument by walking over to your college degree, pointing at it, and saying, "When I was writing my final dissertation on this subject..." How you end the conversation is up to you. Since some people will never give you the credit you deserve without seeing a piece of paper that declares you to be an expert, a fake one can often be the best way to get them to take your opinion seriously. It may not work for everyone, but at the very least you should get them to eat a little bit of humble pie in the process.

Practical Jokes that Require a Diploma

Life is too short to take everything seriously. That’s why there’s nothing more fun than a good practical joke. If you like to make people laugh, and get a good laugh yourself, then you know how much fun practical jokes can be. Using fake documents, like a phony diploma, you can come up with tons of great practical joke scenarios. Everyone has their own idea about what makes a joke funny, so you’ll have to come up with a few of your own. To help you get the pump primed, here are a few ideas for great practical jokes using a fake diploma as a prop.

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If you are setting up an intricate scenario that involves a fake professional, like a teacher or professor, you need to have a believable actor to play the part, and the right props to make the person believable as a pro. Fake college degrees will help set the mood and make your accomplice appear like a real pro with all the educational background required to play the role you choose them for. There’s nothing better than sending someone to a pro to get an estimate for services. If you want to really pull this off, you’ll need to equip your “pro” with the right professional documentation. A diploma or fake certificate can be the best way someone to make someone look legit. It’s always funny to watch jaws drop when a fake service provider comes up with a large estimate or bill. Make sure your pro looks like one with the right bogus fake university certificates. There’s nothing like pulling off a great joke, but you have to take time to set up your scenarios the right way. Good props and fake documentation can go a long way in making your joke a success.

Impressing Long Lost Friends with a  College Diploma

We all have those people from our pasts that we long to see again. Many of these folks may have last seen us struggling in life and thinking that we may not amount to anything. Online social media websites, are putting long lost friends back in contact again. People are finding old friends, left and right on these sites. If you’ve set up time to get back together with an old friend and want to impress them, you may decide to use a novelty diploma to help you do just that. Everyone has their own take on whether or not this kind of documentation is 100% ethical or not. No one can judge another person without knowing what they’ve been through. You may be very successful in your occupation, but still lack the credentials that impress so many people. If you decide to use a phony college diploma to impress one of these folks, you’ll have to defer to your own conscious about whether or not it is ethical to do so. One thing you can be sure of is that no one is 100% honest, all the time.

You could easily spend a lot of energy talking about all you’ve learned and accomplished over the years, but some people just refuse to be impressed until they see proof of a degree program. Once you display your degree to these types of folks, you get the instant green light of approval and can stop jumping through hoops to impress them. We all want to make a good impression with long lost friends. Getting a realistic looking diploma program can be a great way to get these kinds of folks past their own requirements and see you as the success you’ve legitimately become.

How to not use your Diploma

People pick up fake diplomas for various reasons. Some people just want to have a little bit of fun and pull of a practical joke. Others may get a phony diploma to impress a friend or to get the competitive advantage in romantic competition. There’s so many people with different agendas, that there’s no one reason to get a fake college diploma, but you can be sure that plenty of people are, in fact, purchasing them every day. If you’ve picked up a college diploma, you need to make sure that you don’t cross any legal lines and get yourself in trouble. What you see as a joke or little white lie, could end up costing you a lot in legal fees, or even jail time. It’s a pretty safe bet that you want to avoid these kinds of problems, so you need to know some absolutes when it comes to presenting faked diplomas.

If you’ve got a diploma that claims you have had medical training, never give medical advice to anyone that asks based upon seeing it. You may have some great fun convincing people that you know a lot about medicine, in the right kind of scenario, but don’t risk someone else’s health to keep up the facade. Not only could you wind up in big time legal trouble, you could also cause harm to the person who asks you for advice. The stock answer should be to tell people to ask their own physician and that you are not able to offer any medical advice whatsoever. There are some fun uses to having a university diploma, but don’t cross the line and use yours in a way that will jeopardize others or get you into legal hot water.