Fake certificates university Guide

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University Diploma

A private research university, the Brigham Young University is also popularly referred to as BYU. Located in the Provo province of Utah District in United States of America, is the largest religious university. It has both traditional and online students. It has 29,672on-campus students. Out of this 88% are male students and 33% are female students.

The students have to follow an honor code that is in sync with LDS teachings. In comparison to other universities, the educational fee at this university is relatively less. A significant part of the university expenditure is sponsored by the LDS church tithing funds. All said and done buying fake diplomas from this University would be quite easy.

University of Kansas

University of Kansas Transcript

The largest public research university in the US, the University of Kansas has several branches across the state. Established in the year 1865 on 21st March, the University opened up the following year i.e. on 1866. The University branch campuses are located in Salina, Kansas City, Lawrence, Overland Park and Wichita. The main branch is in Lawrence on Mount Oread.

The Medical Centre and Hospital of the University is located in Kansa City whereas the research and educational centers are located in Topeka and Parsons. This university is one of the leading members of the Association of American Universities.

Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University Diploma

Situated in Perth, Australia, the Edith Cowan University is an Australian Public University. This university is named after the first woman President of Australia, namely Edith Cowan. It is the only university in the Australia that has been named after a woman. This university offers both post graduate and undergraduate courses. About 23,000 students are enrolled in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Out of these students, nearly 3,300 students fall in the international category. They have applied from countries outside Australia. Even replica diplomas can be obtained from Edith Cowan University.

In the year 1991, the ECU was granted the university status. It comprises of a number of teacher colleges dating back to the year 1902.

New York University

New York University Transcript

A private and non sectarian research university, the New York University was set up in the year 1831. This university is the largest nonprofit educational institute in America. Every year thousands of students join this university. Many of them are quite famous as well. This university boasts of 36 Nobel Prize winners, 30 Academy Award winners, 20 Pulitzer Prize winners including Grammy, Tony and Emmy award winners as well. NYU has the most Oscar winners of any university. This university is well known for sending more students to study abroad than any other university in the United States of America, which is great if you are interested in a fake college degree.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University Diploma

Set up in the year 1851 by John Evan and 8 other lawyers, the Northwestern University is a private research university. It has two campuses in Evanston and Chicago of Illinois district in the USA and another campus in Doha, Qatar. This university comprises of 12 schools and colleges. It offers undergraduate courses in 124 different subjects and 145 degrees in graduate and professional degrees.

The main campus is spread over an area of 240 acres while the medical and law campus is spread over 25 acres. The campus at Doha, Qatar offers courses in journalism and communication.