What is the Impact of Buying Fake University Degrees?

Many people who are opposed to the buying and selling of fake university degrees will say that novelty diplomas hurt the educational system. By providing people with a way to buy a fake university diploma, without actually doing any of the work, companies that doo sell fake degrees, transcripts, and diplomas, are undermining the nation’s education system. What these people do not realize, however, is that most people who by fake university degrees do not do it replace a real degree, and that very, very few actually ever try to use novelty diplomas in the place of a real degree, either for applying to a job or to another university.

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If So, what is the impact of buying fake university degrees? There largely is no impact, especially on the country’s already corrupt, expensive, and malfunctioning educational system. As more and more classes trend towards online quizzes, tests, and homework, it is now easier for a person to cheat their way through school. They can pay someone else to take their classes for them, or can actively use the internet on what are supposed to be closed-book tests or quizzes.

Those who rail against companies that sell fake university degrees are missing a much bigger problem in the world of academia than buying degree online. Honor codes are not likely to keep students from cheating—not when it is so easy to cheat, and there is more pressure than ever to get good grades. Tuition is on the rise. Today’s generation pays exponentially higher tuition than their parents did to attend the same schools, for the same amount of time. There are also fewer academic scholarships available, and there is also more competition for those scholarships than ever before.

All of this means that students are driven to cheat, and only a few graduate from their programs never having paid someone else to do their work or using the internet when they were not supposed to during test or quiz. Fake university degrees are the least of the educational system’s problems, especially considering that most of the people who buy them, do not use them for any nefarious purpose. In fact, the most common use of a fake university diploma is as a joke gift for a friend or loved one.