How Real Does a Fake College Transcript Look?

How real a fake college transcript (or diploma, for that matter) looks, will depend almost entirely on which website you buy from. The best fake diploma site will provide you with a fake diploma certificate or fake college transcript that looks very real. For those looking for authentic looking props for movies, gifts for friends, or novelty items for their own home, the more realistic the item looks, the better. What elements should you look for when trying to determine whether or not you are buying from a site that will provide you with a great fake college transcript or diploma? Here are the most important:

What types of transcript paper do they print on?

Especially for fake transcripts, you want to buy from a company that offers you security paper. All real transcripts are printed on security paper that makes it impossible to photocopy the document. This might not seem important if you are not going to use your fake college transcript in applying to another school or job, but a transcript printed on anything else is simply going to look fake. Anyone who has ever held a transcript in their hands will know that yours is a fake, and even if it is just a gift for a friend, they will recognize the inauthenticity.

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Are they concerned about the details on the fake college transcript

There are details on every fake diploma certificate and transcript that might seem unimportant but, when neglected, will betray your document as a fake. Those who only want to present the most authentic fake documents will want to work only with companies that are concerned about making sure those documents are as realistic as they can be. Some of these elements include printing quality, type of ink used, seals, and signatures. Font, layout, and size are also important. The best fake diploma site will make sure that all of these details are accounted for, so that the finished product is as impressive as possible.

Some websites will only let you choose the name of the school on the diploma or transcript. Others provide a much wider variety of customization options. Working only with a company that lets you customize the document as much as possible ensures that you will receive a realistic document at the end of the process, as more customization means that the fake college transcript will look specific, instead of generic.