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University of Southern California usc transcript

University of Southern California Transcript

In the year 1880, University of Southern California was founded as a non-profit and private research university. This university is the oldest research university. Many businessmen and leaders have passed out from this university. USC named this university as dream college among the top 10. About 18,316 students got registered in the academic session of 2012-2013 in the 4 year undergraduate programs.
The university holds research at a very high level. The name of the sports team is Trojan and it has won championships of the 100 NCAA team. The athletes have won 287 medals at the Olympic games. The Cinema Arts section under this university is the largest and the oldest film school. It offers 6 different programs.
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University of Sydney

University of Sydney Degree

It is an Australian public university that is founded in the year 1850. It is a prestigious university that is ranked as the 27th most reputed universities in the world. The campus ranked 10th as the beautiful university. It comprises of 16 schools and faculties. It offers doctoral programs, master programs and bachelor program.
This university is the member of Group of Eight. There are eleven individual libraries in the university. There are museums and galleries situated inside the university. Residential colleges also come under the university. The university also comes with beautiful picturesque and attract many students till today.
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University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Diploma

The university was founded as Pittsburgh Academy in the year 1787. After the survival of an accident and relocation, the university was finally situated in Oakland as University of Pittsburgh in the year 1908. There are altogether 17 graduate and undergraduate schools. The overall student strength is 28,766 as undergraduate, professional student and graduate. There are multiple historic building which is spread over 132 acres. Students can take up various art program and participate in student organizations of 350 strengths. The university comprises of theater, music, and take part in sports activity. Many renowned personalities pass out from this university.
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Michigan State University

Michigan State University Diploma

A public research university, Michigan State University is 1st land grant institution. Here, one can study on hospitality business, telecommunication, packaging and supply chain management. After the Morrill Act, the university turn into co-educational and expand beyond agriculture. This university is 7th largest university in the US. The student strength is 49,300 and there are altogether 2954 faculty members.
The university is the 9th largest student body in the US. 55% are female and 45% are male. The 89% students come from 83 countries and represent 50states in the United Sates. It enrolls Chinese students and considered as the 3rd highest in Chinese recruitment.
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Monash University

Monash University Degree

In the year 1958, the university is established and in the State of Victoria it is the 2nd oldest university. The university enrolls 17,000 students for graduation and 45,000 undergraduates. This makes the university large in Australia. This university offers high-end research facility. It has hundred research centres.
This university includes 7 campuses all through the world. It offers 10 faculties and include both teaching and research. The university facilities include library, student organization, and sports. Many students get enrolled in big companies and spread the level of the education. In coming years, more and more student is getting enrolled in this university for a bright future.
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