How to buy fake college degrees

To discuss the topic because most often the buyers are confused and mislead by the perception and thoughts of others. The author's belief is that it is not illegal to buy a fake college degree. There are many variations of fakes. This is what confuses and complicates the situation with the applicant or the buyer. People will hear misleading and untrue stories online about how somebody was arrested for buying a fake degree online. Not a single of these stories has ever been checked for factual truth. The truth is, that buying a novelty document to hang up on your wall, show off to a friend and basically use for personal and entertainment purposes is legal. There are some instances where it can be illegal, but the process of buying the document and having it shipped is not a crime.

What are degree mills

Where the subject becomes critical, people will start talking about degree mills. Their mills basically issue degrees without verification and authentication. These certificates help individuals land jobs they are not qualified for. A novelty degree is that it is not a mill. They are not issuing College Degrees contrary to what some uninformed individuals may believe. Buying a custom document such as a fake college degree from a site like the abovementioned is legal when used as recommended.

The misconception of fake degrees from mills and novelty degrees from a professional printing company gives the entire industry a bad reputation. There are many who have legitimate reasons as to why somebody would choose to buy a fake college degree, and if used in those circumstances, the product is not illegal.

buying fake college degrees

The many uses of a fake college degree

These fake college degrees can be used as props, personal replacements, esteem boosters, and for the use of entertainment. There is no crime in buying a piece of paper with the buyer’s name on it displaying a qualification that one may possess. A crime could occur if the applicant tries to pass the novelty document off as an official document claiming that it is legitimate.  A fake degree that has been used to secure a job can be illegal. In fact, such an action would be a crime.

Although buying a fake college degree is not illegal, trying to pass it off as being “real” is. To buy a College Degree and display it in one’s living room, use it as a prop, or as a gag with friends is entirely legitimate and fine. Not everybody thinks about getting a product like this because they plan to lie their way through college. There are times when people feel insecure or lose their fake college diplomas, or they need such a document for a presentation. These are all valid reasons. The other reasons to get a fake college degree is to replace an old degree; to replace a lost College Degree, or to merely make a show of one’s qualifications. Sometimes having such a qualification can do a person proud..