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Privacy Guidelines

The following Policy Guideline provides guidance on how nd-center.com gathers, uses, retains and releases information gathered from our users. This privacy guideline applies to this website and all of the services and products that are offered through nd-center.com.

Data regarding individual identification
We might gather individual identification data from our users in a number of different ways, such as when our users come to our website, request an order, complete a form, and when connected to any other services, activities, resources or features which we provide on this website. Our visitors may be required to provide their full names, a current email address, a physical mailing address and valid telephone number. Visitors may come to our website anonymously. We shall gather only the individual identification data from visitors who provide such information voluntarily to us. Visitors may refuse to provide individual identification data with the understanding that failing to provide the information may limit or restrict them from actively participating in various activities related to our website.

Use of cookies
This site does not place “cookies” and gather data to improve our visitors’ experiences.

How we utilize data we have gathered

nd-center.com can gather and make use of certain individual information regarding our visitors for the following reasons: For the processing of payments. We can utilize the personal data visitors give to us during the ordering process only for purposes directly related to the placing of that order. We will not provide this data to outside agencies or individual unless it is required to complete the requested service.

Sharing of individual data
We will not trade, sell, or lease our visitors’ individual identification data to outside agencies.

Complying with privacy protection regulations regarding children online We take a very serious stand on the protection of children on the internet. For this reason, our policy is to never gather or keep data on our website from anyone we know for certain are under the age of 13. There are no pages of our website which are designed to attract the attention of anyone under the age of 13,

Modifications to our privacy guidelines
nd.center.com may at its discretion change or modify our privacy guidelines at a time of our own choosing. If we do elect to make changes, we will annotate the date of that revision on the bottom portion of this webpage. We do encourage our visitors to check the policies on this page frequently in order to be kept current about our practices concerning individual data we gather. It is up to you to periodically review this privacy guideline and remain aware of any changes.

Accepting usage terms and conditions
Your use of this website signifies that you acknowledge this guideline. If you, for whatever reason, do not concur with our guideline, please refrain from using our website. If you continue to use this website after the listing of modifications to this guideline, you are acknowledging your agreement with those modifications.

Agreement Conditions and Terms

The following agreement includes all of the conditions and terms which ma apply to you when making purchases or participating in activities here on this website. When use or make purchases from our website, you are agreeing to be held by our usage terms and to obey them. Our agreement explains and includes all aspects of this agreement between us. This agreement supersedes and any all other previous agreements, actual or implied warranties or general understandings in regards to this website, any content found within and any computer software or programs that may have been given to you by or via this website. Changes to our agreement maybe be implemented by us at any time and without any requirement to notify you or other uses of those changes. Our agreements listed on the website indicate the most current agreement which you are responsible for reviewing any time before utilizing the services on our website.

Site usage and prohibited activities
Visitors are expressly prohibited from performing the following actions: (1) use this website, which includes any of our tools or services if you are unable to obligate yourself to any legal contracts, if you are below the age of 18, or if you are for any reason temporarily or permanently banned from utilizing this website and its tools or services; (2) placing any items in the wrong category or location on this website and its services;(3) gathering information about our visitors including their individual data; (4) changing or modifying the prices of any products, or interfering with any other visitor’s product listings; (5) posting inaccurate, falsified, defamatory, libelous or otherwise misleading information; (6) doing anything that may cause damage to the websites rating system. In order for you to complete all of the sign-up procedures in this website, you are required to give us your complete legal name, current physical address, a valid and accessible email address and any additional data that we may request in order to finalize the sign-up procedure. You are required to certify that you are indeed 18 years of age or older, and you must be capable of maintaining your own password in a secure manner and for any of the activities or of the content which you may upload to this website from your account. You are prohibited from sending any form of computer virus or work or damaging code on this website.

We are not required to give any refund if you have had a change of mind regarding a specific purchase; therefore, please consider your purchases wisely. If the products you have purchased are damaged, then we agree to meet or legal obligations to resolve this issue.

Any products purchased through this site were made pursuant to any contracts regarding shipment. Any risk for the loss and ownership of these items transfers directly to you once we have delivered it to the shipper.

Pricing and descriptions of products
The price list given for merchandise located on our site is the full price which is listed directly on the merchandise itself, which is provided by the supplier or manufacturer, or which is estimated using practices common to the industry or which is estimated to be the appropriate retail value for similar merchandise of the same value. The list price may be an estimated price, but it does not necessarily represent the current retail price in all locations on any given day.

Modifications of terms
We may at our discretion change any conditions and terms maintained within this agreement at any given time by our own discretion, by providing a notice or similar posting, or providing a totally new agreement, on this website. If you continue to visit or participate in our activities, including shopping for merchandise or services, after we have posted a change in our current agreement, that does constitute a full acceptance of our current agreement and posted changes.

You do acknowledge that any interest, rights and titles, which may include any rights that are covered under the intellectual property, of this site, and that, furthermore, you shall not gain any interest, rights or title in or of this program other than that specifically acknowledged by our agreement. You shall not adapt, make derivative works, translate, modify, reverse engineer, dismantle, decompile or in any way try to gather the source code information from any software, service or documentation of ours, or make or even attempt to make any similar product or service, or facsimile product or service, through the utilization of this program or any of the proprietary data which may be related to it.

Fraudulent Activities
Any activity which may constitute fraud is closely monitored at this website; if we detect fraud, nd-center.com will use all possible means available to address the issue, and the individual participating in the fraud will become financially liable for all legal fees and other costs resulting from any fraud-related activities.

You must agree that you will not share any data or information which you may have received from this website. All data and information which has been given by any customer participating in this program is considered proprietary data and information which is the property of nd-center.com. Any information on or related to our customers will not be sold, distributed, reproduces, transferred or used to exploit any of this proprietary data or information in any such manner.

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This document was last modified on January 02, 2016.