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College/University Diploma US$ 100.00
College/University Transcript US$ 100.00
College/University Diploma and Transcript US$ 200.00
Custom Created Document US$ 100.00
Rush Printing (72 hour processing) US$ 050.00

We ship orders around the world using United Parcel Service (UPS), the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), or DHL Express Worldwide Service. You will receive a tracking number, so you can watch the progression of your package, as soon as your order is shipped.

Please note: Our pricing is provided in U.S. currency. The quoted rates are standard, and affect any diploma or transcript, as well as any custom order purchased from our company. Every one of the novelty documents we create is custom made. The prices quoted are on a per document basis. You will not find a difference in quoted costs whether you purchased a diploma from a high school or a PhD. The expenses involved in generating both documents are nearly the same.

Please be cautious of those companies charging varying prices for different types of diplomas or transcripts. A legitimate company will charge only a standard price for the requested diploma, no matter which type it might be. Browse and choose the online college degree that you would like to purchase. We will deliver it at the address provided.

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Customizing Fake Diplomas

At all times, the most important part in customizing a fake diploma, or any of our documents, involves decorating college diplomas with everything customized, from the name of the graduate to his or her selected date of graduation. The type of degree is also customized. The diploma can reflect anything from an Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, or even a Doctorate degree. The college or university may be selected, too. This includes Canadian universities or colleges. Keep in mind that you are not always permitted to utilize a “real” school name. In these instances, a phony Canadian university or college name would be required.

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A Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate degree are examples of the types of diplomas that we have available to order. We will print each diploma with your specific customization and quickly deliver the order to your door. If you prefer, we also have available a downloadable template. Using this template, you will be able to enter the desired name, graduation date, type of degree, and college or university name (even if the school is located in Canada).

It should also be noted here that every one of these documents purchased online are acquired with the understanding they are “novelty” items. You agree that they are to be used solely for entertainment purposes. These documents should not, under any circumstances, be used in an official capacity for any reason.

Easily Obtain Your Masters

If you were not able to get into college, for whatever reason, there are other ways to get degree documents. Yes, this means it is still possible to obtain your own college diploma! There is a large variety of novelty degrees available for purchase, and you can arrange for almost any type of novelty diploma including your Master’s degree. You can obtain a M.A. (Arts), M.B.A. (Business Administration), M.Ed. (Elementary Education), M.E. (Engineering), M.P.H. (Public Health), M.S. (Science), or M.S.W. (Social Work). Getting printable diploma degrees is simple and these documents can be purchased in nearly any area desired.

In addition to the ability to select any specialty you desire, your Master’s degree also comes with your choice of school. You can name a real university or college; or you can name a fictional one, entirely created by you. You can also use any name, as well as any graduation date for your desired online degree. In addition, if you choose, you may include a phony seal or emblem, “Honors” notation, or you may even decide to add a generic bogus signature included. Of course, you can always leave the signature area blank and fill it in later. The final look of your diploma is entirely up to you.

The documents can be had for free or they can cost several hundreds of dollars. The price is dependent on how genuine you want the document to appear. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you show them your diploma! Please be careful, though. These documents are intended only as “novelty” items. You, the buyer, must agree that you will use your degree solely for entertainment purposes. It is a fact that superior quality in a degree is what causes it to stand out in the crowd. The internet is one of the best places for obtaining high quality fake Associates diplomas with courses. You will soon discover that there are lots of degree suppliers on the internet. The secret is to choose a provider who generates exceptional quality documents at a price that is reasonable.

Before you buy a diploma, you’ll want to ensure that you do lots of research first so you’ll know what’s available out there on the internet. First, be sure to check out the websites offering diplomas. This should help you determine the top companies and help you discover who the “best of the best” is in designing and creating these documents. You want a company who will provide a product that matches your investment.

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