Degree mill scandals exposed

There are an increasing number of scandals involving diploma mills. There are Internet businesses that see diplomas and other credentials and many people that purchase these phony diplomas use them for career or salary advancement. They merely find an Internet business providing the fake documents that they require, pay the required fee, and receive the documents in the mail. They then present the documents to their employer and use them to secure a promotion or a higher rate of pay.

The practice was uncovered in Washington state where several police officers were found to have used this method to obtain salary increases. The officers, who one would expect to be above such practices, submitted the documents and received their pay raises. The documents were later found to be false which caused a scandal. This also goes to show that any employer, even government, can be duped by phony academic documents. This existence of these quality fake documents casts a shadow on legitimate distance learning institutions. There are many legitimate institutions that offer novelty degrees for work performed online. These are not the fake degree diploma mills that just peddle the phony academic records. The distance learning student must prove his/her competency in each course in order to earn the degree. A specified level of academic course work and performance is required in order to qualify for the degree. These kinds of online institutions are not diploma mills. They have proper accrediting that can be verified with the U.S. Department of Education.

Difference between genuine and fake sites

Some diplomas appear to be legitimate educational institution but on closer inspection of the website, there will not be a physical location or an address given for the institution. It is very easy for the uninformed consumer to be duped and think that they are dealing with an accredited educational institution but are just involved in purchasing fake diploma photo frames. The accredited legitimate educational institutions will list their addresses and many of them have multiple locations throughout the country. Another tell tale sign is awarding credits or degrees based on life experience. There is usually no course work and there may or may not be some kind of test required. The individual can usually keep retaking the test until he/she passes. These are not legitimate distance learning institutions. They are just selling the bogus university degrees and documents and they can quickly be found out by a call to the U.S. Department of Education.

Other diploma mills just sell the fake college degrees and documents outright without any pretense of being an educational institution. The buyer selects the school, degree and GPA, pays the required price and receives the fake college documents in the mail. The availability of these diploma cover suppliers on the Internet makes it imperative for individuals to be duped. The prospective student needs to be informed about these scams in order to avoid being deceived. An appropriately accredited online college degree program makes sure that they provide their students a high quality education. All the online institutes must be accredited by a proper government authority. Having such a reputable degree ensures your dedication and it is a reward for all the hard work you have done throughout the years. Then without a doubt, Employers and other learning institutions will accept your degree and you can make it the key of the success of your future.