Real looking fake degree

Phony diplomas and fake transcripts are easy to come by. There are many Internet businesses where they can be purchased and the price range varies. At some places the cost is as little as $200, and they look very impressive. The people who purchase them are usually pleased with the package, feeling that they will be able to impress their friends. Many hope to use them for career advancement. To them the expense is well worth it. These authentic diplomas and documents look and feel like the real thing. They are printed on the same kind of parchment paper as are those from legitimate educational institutions. The individual can select the educational institution, the kind of degree and the GPA when he/she orders the phony fake documents. These include the major universities and colleges around the world. The purchasers pays the required amount and receives the degree and transcripts stating that he/she has never even visited.

Some of these Internet companies will even provide a verification service which individuals can sign up for, for a fee of course to verify the fake diploma. There is a number that prospective employers or others can call and the people will say that the purchaser attended the school, etc. The problem for the purchaser is that those checking credentials may call a number for the real school instead of the number provided by the verification service and the real looking fake degree will have no records for the individual. Over the past few years, things have changed significantly. Today an online degree is accounted same as an on campus degree. Many employers value an online degree as much as a degree from a traditional degree program. Further, they encourage their current employees over and over again to pursue an online degree in order to improve their skills on the subject. In many cases, the course fees are financed by the employers themselves.

Make sure that along with the real looking fake degree you also opt for the gown. Tell the designer what exactly you are looking for so that he can create the layout of the degree just the way you want it.

The legality of using an authentic degree

The legality of the fake diplomas and transcripts depends on how the individual uses them. If they are treated as novelty items or used as a practical joke, then they are not illegal. People can use them as gag gifts and hang them on the wall and there is no illegality. People who have lost or damaged their original diplomas can use the fake replica degrees as a replacement since they have graduated from the legitimate university and the school records will indicate that fact. Legal problems can result when individuals use these phone documents to deceive and misrepresent. They represent themselves as having attended an institution that they didn't attend and the educational institution has no records for them. They did not have to do anything to earn their degree but pay for it.

Before the Internet, ads for phony degrees used to be found in the back of magazines. Today, they can be easily found on the Internet and most of the Internet businesses are located in foreign countries since many states and other places have laws against these kinds of fake university college businesses that provided fake diploma tassels. The suppliers of these novelty documents can be found by performing a simple Internet search and will tell the customer that the documents are legal if used within the required guidelines. However, these firms are not lawyers and the purchasers should consult with one to check the legalities of the situation.