Spotting fake college degrees

Many people who use fake degrees as a means of obtaining a better job are finding themselves facing arrest or lawsuits. Many people use the fake college degrees with criminal intent. Others are innocent, thinking that their degrees were legitimate. Many fake online colleges and online fake universities present themselves as legitimate even when they are diploma or degree mills.

Some used a fake degree graduate program from the University when he applied for a job in Singapore. He spent four months in prison for the act and he had already spent five years working there before his offense was found out. Another was the deputy chief information officer in the Office of Homeland Security, a high level security position. Her degree was discovered to be a fake in June 2003. Because of cases like these, employers carefully check the qualifications of their potential and existing employees. There are several factors to consider when detecting fake university degrees. When the dates of the degrees are not in order, this makes them suspicious. A PhD degree comes after a Master degree which comes after a quality online bachelor degree which comes after a high school diploma. A PhD degree without a Bachelor degree is suspicious. The dates on the degrees are something that employers look at.

Signs that it is a case of fake degrees

Many diploma mills sell fake degrees with names that imitate those of legitimate colleges and universities. Spelling and grammatical errors on the degrees are another telltale sign. The degree and fake transcripts must have the embossed seal of the university. Printed versions are unacceptable. Legitimate universities don't make spelling and grammatical errors on their degrees. Another telltale sign is the length of time involved in earning an associate fake college degree. Legitimate degrees involve quite a bit of work. When there is a very short time involved in the awarding of a degree, it is a warning sign.

Employers handle the fake degree situation in different ways. In some cases they will file a police report. Their clients may have been duped into decisions they wouldn't have made if the individual had a legitimate degree and hadn't misrepresented himself/herself. Civil suits may also be a result of the fake credentials. The individual misrepresented himself and claimed to do a job he couldn't do without the proper training. Individuals considering the problems of fake degrees should take these factors into consideration.

What can you do in the future with a good business education? It can lead you to a wide range of professions such as office administration, legal or paralegal office administration, administrative assisting and many more. Some of these online or on-campus schools offer an International Business component so spotting fake college degrees is not that easy. This allows you to achieve business degrees for special subjects like marketing, finance, human resources and economics. So, now it’s your turn to take a decision on your higher education. As it is mentioned, it’s clear that a business education can open up many doors of success. So, do make your mind up and follow the best course which can help you to lead the business world.