Phony online university fake degree

An investigate reporter from the Straits Times, reported how he obtained two fake university degrees in one week. He obtained one in Criminal Justice and one in Journalism in just one week. When they are that easy to obtain in so short a time period, they are probably fake. A Fake University awarded fake university documents in criminal justice and True Diploma gave him the degree in journalism, both for US$349. There was no studying or tests involved in obtaining the degrees.

Before buying the degree from Fake University, the reporter called them. He was told that they was properly accredited and legal and that their degrees were accepted all over the world. All that was required for the fake college degree was relevant life experience or an online equivalency test that would take less than an hour. Lim reports that the fake University degree package was quite impressive. In addition to the degree, there were also fake transcripts and grades for the different modules. There is an authentic looking embossed university seal on the degree. All of this was obtained without any courses or examinations.

Increase of fake degree programs in universities

The reporter states that the fake diploma problem is so prevalent in the United States, that it is a national security threat. A May 2004 audit revealed that 463 federal employees had fake degree certificates. Some were high ranking with security clearances. This illustrates how much of a big business the fake degrees are. It is a billion dollar business selling thousands of fake university diplomas online every week. Most employers check the qualifications of the prospective employee by calling the university. This may not reveal all of the diploma mills since many of them will provide phone verification. They will tell the employer that the individual is a graduate of the school he claims to have attended.

This doesn't mean that all online college and university programs are fakes. There are many legitimate schools that offer online programs. Anyone that is interested in obtaining a quality fake online diploma should spend time checking out the online school. The prospective student can check with local education authorities to avoid becoming involved with an online swindle. The key to earn a degree that holds distinction in the job market depends mainly in getting into a well accredited and reputed institution. A research done prior to selecting a college for your higher studies will definitely have positive outcomes, where there are plenty of websites currently available to facilitate this need of yours. For example such websites provide you with database of schools offering online that offer a variety of fake diploma covers, part-time and distance learning programs for easy comparison. These sites even provide the facility of simplifying the searching process for students, based on their criteria and request, coming up with exclusive information directly from a particular school and thus allowing them to go for a high quality MBA study program.