Fake college degree without earning it

Is it possible to get a Bachelor degree as quickly as you want? Of course it’s possible. Online schools or universities do provide you the degree you want in a shorter time than a traditional university takes to provide the same degree. You can enroll into any online bachelor's degree program which are now available everywhere. These programs are offered by colleges and institutions both here and offshore. But to achieve a degree with cutting off years, you need to work hard. You must dedicate your time to complete all the course work on time. Then it won’t be a difficult task to be a graduate in a very short time.

The online fake college diploma industry is a billion dollar industry. It is also a lucrative area for scams and con men. They set themselves up in business of the internet and supply fake degrees to people who apply for them. There are no course requires or time framework. The individual applies, pays the fee, and receives his/her fake college degree. Since it is so easy, why should people bother with four year colleges? Many of these kinds of businesses operate out of post office boxes or mail drops. Many are located in remote areas like Montana where the state requirements are rather liberal, but this isn't the only state. States like Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi, and California have very few standards or requirements and Mississippi has no regulation of any kind. Con men also find certain European locations to be popular. There are no regulations to guide them hence the ease of fake college diplomas.

Buying a fake college degree without earning it has become relatively easy. There are many online stores that offer different types of fake degrees and certificates using high quality paper, ink, seal, sign and signatures.

Beware of online fake degrees

Many people fall for the pitch of these online scams even though many fake degrees are exposed with research and verification. Many people buy a fake degree thinking that they can get away with it. What are some of the consequences of these novelty fake degrees? or is it case of fake college degree without earning it. In North Carolina, a man treated an eight year old girl who died. He worked at a degree verified medical clinic. Another man, also from North Carolina, bought a $100 degree from a British diploma mill and used it in his raising of millions of dollars of venture capital to sell an AIDs drug. A San Clemente, California man operated a diploma mill in Louisiana and made $10,000,000 before being caught.

Many of these fake diploma mills will provide transcripts and phone verification of credentials in case an employer checks. There may also be other phony proof of attendance trinkets like class rings and school I.D. cards. Many of these places get away with it because only 35% of U.S. corporations verify authentic bachelor degrees. What is accomplished by all of this? This is a good question that should be answered by all of the participants, buyers and sellers.