Fake high school diplomas and GEDs

Students leave high school without a diploma for a variety of reasons. They can have social problems, financial, family or personal problems. Many of these people go on to get their GED knowing that if they don't they will spend their lives in low-paying jobs. It is time consuming for the individual to earn a fake GED even though it is worth it from a monetary point of view. Data from the U.S. Census has shown that the GED or high school diploma results in earnings of $8,000 per year over those who did not have the degree or have a fake college degree. Picture the following scenario of a married father of two who works as a dishwasher and busboy. His wife stays at home with the young children while he works more than 50 hours per week to make ends meet. How can he study for the fake GED diploma? He learns about buying high school diplomas on the Internet for $200. His friend bought one and will secure a higher paying job. What does he do?

The high school diploma is worth an extra $8,000 per year in salary and these higher earnings are available for an investment of $200. Finishing high school means something in terms of life-long earnings. The difference could be one million dollars of additional earning over the individual's life. Fake diplomas are not beneficial for the employer. They have nothing to gain from them unless they have positions that they can't fill. This was illustrated by a seventeen year old Colorado high school student. He hypothesized that the military was in desperate need of recruits so he presented himself as a high school dropout and received all of the information he needs to buy a diploma on line that would satisfy the recruitment requirements. This information was provided by the recruiter

The importance of secondary educational documentation

There are various reasons why people buy fake degrees and diplomas. The basic reason is that they need the piece of paper for some reason. This is why there are so many websites and mail-in places where people can buy diplomas along with transcripts and verification services. The purpose of this is to deceive employer who check credentials. In many cases, these documents can be obtained in twenty-four hours. Cash and money orders are the preferred way of doing business.

You get what you pay for and this is also true with novelty fake diplomas. The lower prices versions are not of high quality: better quality fake online diplomas can cost over $1,000. Employer are also becoming smarter and doing their homework when it comes to fake degrees. The high school diplomas are only part of framing bogus degree business. Their big business is in fake college degrees. Even though, studying online is rather convenient, signing up for these courses is not that simple. You have to go through the typical application and student selection process in order to be qualified to enroll in those accredited college online degree programs. But the advantages it provides like its flexibility can comfort a students to earn the degree without further issues. And these accredited colleges always provide highly respected and in-demand courses.