About fake college degrees

It doesn't require very much research to uncover the fact that almost any kind of college degree can be obtained for a price. It is possible to buy fake degrees at any level for almost any field of study, including medicine and Ph.D.s. The bogus degree business exists and is lucrative because there is a demand for the product that they produce. There are big bucks involved in the diploma mill and fake degree industry.

U.S. Census Data cited in the article "Online fake High School Diplomas" illustrates the monetary advantages of being a high school graduate. The salary advantage is worth more than $8,000 per year, with the high school dropout earning a yearly salary of $20,000 or less. For the individual with a quality online bachelor degree, the yearly income is around $50,000. An advanced degree raised the level to more than $75,000 per year. Obviously, the better educated the individual is, the higher his level of income is. If this were not a fact, there would be no diploma mill business with earning of more than half a million dollars a year. There would be no demand for their product if income was not dependent on degrees or if people didn't think they could improve their condition with a bogus degree.

If you are registered in an accredited online degree program, the quantity of the financial aid you can get may vary from the aid which is given to students who do studies offline. In most cases an online student may only get a small fraction of the financial help that is given to students who are studying on campus.

Phony college degree business worldwide

The diploma mill and bogus degree business exists because of the demand for their product. Many people want the degree without doing the work. The diploma mills are able to prey on the ignorance of these people. Many people do not know about the diploma mill and framing bogus degree business. They aren't aware of the swindles or any of the dangers involved. Many people believe whatever they read or are told, especially when it comes to the life experiences argument. They really believe that their life experiences are as valid as academic learning when it comes to receiving academic credit earned in an accredited brick and mortar or online school environment.

Fake degree diploma mills will award Associates, Bachelors, Masters, MBAs and even Ph.D.s. A simple internet search will reveal pages of results with a combination of about fake college degrees and informational sites. Are all of these listings legitimate? How many are peddling bogus fake university degrees? It requires some research on the part of the searcher to ascertain this information. Accreditation is important. Always look for information on accrediting. The school can also be check in the U.S. Department of Education database to see if they are legitimately credited. When you follow an associate degree online, most of the times, the fee is comparatively low. Again, you need not to spend money for traveling. There you can save a great amount of money for your future plans. It also makes it easier to balance your life, while having online classes, because of the better flexibility that online degrees provide you. The advantage of being able to work more, as well as the opportunity of getting well-paid jobs while you go to school is worth.